Bier Garden Girl of August
August 1, 2010 – 10:27 AM | Comments Off on Bier Garden Girl of August

Port Royal Export

You don’t have to travel to Honduras to have Port Royal Export! This pale lager is refreshing, especially after a bike ride by the water.

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Extraordinary Measures – Rating: B+
January 31, 2010 – 12:59 PM | No Comment

The movie is based on the true story of John Crowley and his fight to save the lives of two of his children, Megan and Patrick. Both are confined to wheelchairs and require nearly round the clock care due to the debilitating disease they both have. Their prognosis is not good as they are expected to lose more and more muscle and some of their organs become engorged. Life expectancy for both is 8-9 years; the movie opens on Megan’s 8th birthday (Patrick is six).

Sherlock Holmes – A+
January 6, 2010 – 10:32 AM | One Comment
Sherlock Holmes – A+

The character of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. John Watson originated in the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle almost 125 years ago. Since then the character has been revived in a radio show, reborn in the 22nd century, and been portrayed by 75 actors in 211 films. This latest reincarnation is crafted by director Guy Ritchie with Robert Downey Jr. playing the detective and Jude Law his partner in crime, Dr. Watson.

Avatar – A-
January 1, 2010 – 7:49 PM | No Comment
Avatar – A-

Avatar is a game-changer. People were skeptical, particularly when that first trailer hit and it looked like James Cameron had spent a quarter of a billion dollars to make Final Fantasy. But by the time footage screened at the San Diego Comic-Con last summer, the buzz was rising and it was not just positive, it was giddy. Then the second trailer arrived and served notice that Cameron’s multi-multi-million dollar movie was going to be … amazing.

Invictus – Rating: A
December 18, 2009 – 10:28 AM | No Comment
Invictus – Rating: A

Sports have a natural ability for being able to rally people behind a common cause. In Invictus, which opened last weekend, that is exactly what Nelson Mandela was counting on.

Everybody’s Fine – Rating: C
December 16, 2009 – 9:29 AM | No Comment

What would the holidays be without family? In Everybody’s Fine, recently widowed Frank Goode (Robert DeNiro) almost finds out when his children ditch him before a would-be gathering. Although the trailer makes the film seem like a heartwarming comedy, be forewarned. Unfortunately, the film is more of a pity party than a laugh fest.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day – Rating: B
November 8, 2009 – 12:32 PM | No Comment
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day – Rating: B

The MacManus brothers are back for the much anticipated sequel, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. The cult classic has finally veered its head after the success of the first film, The Boondock Saints back in 1999. The Boondock Saints II takes place eight years later while living in Ireland with their father on a sheep farm.

Law Abiding Citizen – Grade: A
October 29, 2009 – 1:23 PM | No Comment
Law Abiding Citizen – Grade: A

The Thriller is back! Law Abiding Citizen tells the story of an ordinary guy who decides to take justice into his own hands after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered in their home.

Couples Therapy – Rating: B
October 14, 2009 – 12:31 PM | One Comment

For most people, the words “marriage counseling” and “vacation” cannot coexist peacefully. But in this falls’ Couple’s Retreat the two are forced to cohabitate on the wacky vacation of four pairs of marital challenged couples. Vince Vaughn stars in this far fetched comedy that’s loaded with laughs but lacks believability and punch because of an overly sappy ending.