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Michelle Anna Pagano is the Founder and President of Bier Magazine, Inc. She launched the magazine in 2008 as a way to support local breweries and educate the world on the beer industry.

Travel with Michelle as she learns about new places to visit and what beers to drink. She’ll even keep you “posted” with her new video blog, “60 Second Sip.”

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Shootin’ The Boot

travis He rucks. He drinks. Sometimes he rucks while he drinks. Travis Pulver is your all star rugby player/beer lover from Indiana. He’ll give you the ultimate game plan for sports and beer.

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Liquid Courage (no longer active)

matt Matt Sanders began homebrewing two years ago as a gift to his dad on Father’s Day. After tasting his first homemade beer, a not-so-clear light Canadian lager, he had an epiphany of flavor. Countless batches and several brewpots later, Matt is now a full-fledged beer enthusiast, seeking out the least known brands and bringing them to the masses. In his spare time he enjoys soccer, his two dogs, and Thursday night poker.

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