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Grilled Chicken and Pesto Sandwich

Submitted by on August 10, 2010 – 10:12 AMNo Comment
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photo by Andy Watson

This delicious grilled chicken sandwich is a great light option for people who love eating on the grill but are tired of the burgers and barbecue. It is a light treat with marinated chicken grilled onions and basil pesto. I like to eat this sandwich on focaccia bread but any nice crusty roll will work.

I enjoy this with a great local Legend brew. The Hefeweizen is a sharp beer, tart with strong effervescent. it stands up great to the strong garlic in the pesto.


-4 free range chicken breasts
-1 4 oz tub of pesto
-1 cup of olive oil
-2 large sweet white onions
-4 slices of sharp provolone
-4 5×5 squares of focaccia bread.


1. Toss the chicken in the olive oil along with a tbsp of your pesto. Let these two marinate for at least 6 hrs before grilling. Marination before grill really turns chicken into something great.

2. Get the grill good and hot and slice your onions about a ½ inch thick. I like the onions to show off in this sandwich. Toss them in a little olive oil try to keep those nice discs whole. If the fall apart into many onion rings I recommend throwing a perforated pan on the grill and grilling them within the walls of the pan. Grill them until they show some nice color but still retain a bit of bite.

3. Add the chicken breasts to the grill and work them for about 5 minutes on each side. Allow them about 5 minutes to rest after they are grilled. This will provide you with a juicy bird.

4. I also like to grill the bread for a few seconds before assembling the sandwich. First spread enough pesto on the top of each sandwich to cover the bread. I cut the chicken into three nice slices. I cut the chicken at a bit of an angle instead of just going straight down to the cutting board. Be careful of the blade.

5. Finally lay the chicken on the bread, onions on top and top with that delicious provolone cheese. Place the pesto covered top on and enjoy.