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Beachwood BBQ Opens New Location

Submitted by on August 11, 2010 – 10:32 AMNo Comment
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The beauty of beer is its great with everything; food, friends, movies etc. So when Beachwood BBQ located in Seal Beach, California decided to open a new location, owner Gabriel Gordon and his wife Lena decided to give it a twist. With the help of Brewer Julian Shrago, Owner Gabriel Gordon planned on opening the new location Downtown Long Beach with 12 house beers. Beachwood BBQ will be brewing original beers as well as serve the same tasty BBQ.

Gabriel Gordon, who is a fine dining chef, said the opening of the original Beachwood BBQ happened by chance. Gabriel and his wife originally wanted to open a fine dining restaurant but soon realized that wouldn’t be a good idea. “Our original Seal Beach location [was where] my wife and I were going to open a small fine dining restaurant, but after we started talking to locals we realized, quickly, that this wasn’t the right town for that,” he said.

After being in business for three years, and expanding the restaurant using the space next door, Gordon began discussing a second location with his wife and Shrago.  “We had been working on this for about a year and finally decided to take the plunge,” Gordon said.

During the expansion, Gordon came up with an idea that could change the system of serving the beers so that the first pint poured and the last pint poured would taste the same. “During the expansion, I decided that I wanted to create a system that allows me to pour a proper a pint, so I built a system that allows me to pout any beer to be any gas mixture at anytime in order to match the racking pressures of the different beer.”

The new location doesn’t have an opening date yet, but what is decided is the beer program. The beer program has Beachwood Brewing beers, and also a guest beer selection. There will be eight handles permanently assigned to in-house beer; three of the permanent handles will be dedicated to flagship beers and five will be seasonal offerings that vary throughout the year. Finally, the remaining handles will feature a rotating selection of guest’s beers. The guest beers will be selected from various craft breweries, including international beers.

Gordon will also be introducing a rotating beer program. Similar to the beer program at Beachwood BBQ, the rotating beer program at the new location will keep the taps constantly rotating as well as the guest beer, therefore allowing customers to try different beers from various breweries.

Gordon along with his wife is excited for the new opening and the new challenges starting your own brewery. “We’re excited and looking forward to this new location!”

Beachwood BBQ will have a grand opening celebration. The date is to be announced.