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History in the Making and Beer to Drink

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There are no fans that are more adamant about supporting their team than soccer fans. When you consider what the game often represents it is understandable. The teams are so much more than just a collection of great players that people from a particular city support, but a collection of the best that the nation has to offer as representatives of the country.

Fans are soon to be treated to an event like no other; something that is so special that it only comes every four years and has teams training from the time one ends to the time the next one begins. I’m talking about the FIFA World Cup.

Over approximately one month, teams from 32 nations will descend on ten different cities in South Africa to decide what nation will retain bragging rights for the next four years.

Before play has even begun, this tournament will become part of history for the game of soccer as well as the nation of South Africa. Throughout the majority of the World Cup’s history, the tournament was always held either in Europe or South America. The 2010 World Cup will be just the second time that the tournament will not be held in one of its two traditional places.

This will be the first time that a tournament of such worldly significance will take place on the African continent. Many feared that the games could be marred by violence and people hurt or killed with the game as the catalyst. The nation is pulling out all the stops though to make sure that all security threats are dealt with as swiftly as possible and that the fans and visiting teams are able to enjoy the event.

Sony is making history with some of their World Cup game broadcasts. Currently, twenty five matches are set to be broadcasts in 3-D. The exciting thing is that the quality of the broadcasts is actually expected to be better than that now seen in movie theaters. Imagine watching the game and having it appear as if the players are battling over the ball right in your living room!

The first 3-D match will be the opening match between the host country, South Africa, and Mexico. Bafana Bafana, the South African team, will be looking to represent their country well with the eyes of the world looking on.

Of course with so much great international action getting ready to take off, fans have a great excuse to sample beers from around the world as they enjoy the action.

Out of respect for the first two competitors, South Africa and Mexico, fans have to sample at least one beer from each country. If you can find it, try Jack Black Beer from the good people at Jack Black Beer in Cape Town, South Africa. An all natural beer made with no additives and preservatives, the slow brewing process insures that a quality, refreshing, great tasting beer is produced.

Americans may get a kick out of drinking Tijuana Morena as they try and remember what they think was a good time in the well-known Mexican town. A little on the weak side when it comes to alcohol content, 4.8% ABV, this beer makes up for it in taste. Like many American amber/ red lager beers, this beer has a more dominant malt flavor than hops.

Fans of the favored team, Spain, may want to enjoy a few Llunas from the good people at the Bodega Artesana in Agullent, Spain. This Hefeweizen style beer is a little low in alcohol content at only 4.3% ABV. When you first get a hint of the aroma you think hops, and when you drink it down you realize just why. Refreshing and easy to drink, this beer has a nice complex taste that beer fans and soccer fans alike can enjoy.

Behind the team from Spain stands an English team that would love to win their first World Cup since they hosted the tournament in 1966. For a brew with more of a kick than the aforementioned ones try Last Rites, an English barley wine from the good people at the Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield. At 11% ABV, this one will be perfect for the fan that does not mind his beer having a slight alcohol taste to it. The malts temper the alcohol taste and the slightly bitter finish almost masks it, but not quite.

U.S. fans may have a better chance of finding Flaming Damsel Real Blonde, a Vienna Lager from the good people at the Milwaukee Brewing Company. This beer will allow you to watch all the action and even remember it with an alcohol content of 4.8%. You will not mind the low alcohol content with this well balanced beer to enjoy though.