Bier Garden Girl of August
August 1, 2010 – 10:27 AM | Comments Off on Bier Garden Girl of August

Port Royal Export

You don’t have to travel to Honduras to have Port Royal Export! This pale lager is refreshing, especially after a bike ride by the water.

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New Samuel Adams LongShot Variety Six-Pack Hits Shelves Nationwide
April 10, 2010 – 12:22 PM | 3 Comments
New Samuel Adams LongShot Variety Six-Pack Hits Shelves Nationwide

Samuel Adams is proud to announce that New Hampshire resident Michael Robinson’s Old Ben Ale and New Mexico resident Ben Miller’s Mile High Barley Wine are hitting the shelves nationwide after besting more than 1,300 entries and being chosen as the winning homebrews in the 2009 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest.

Shootin’ The Boot – New Post
April 9, 2010 – 12:21 PM | No Comment

Four Reasons Why Butler is better than Duke

Regardless of what happens during the NCAA championship game Monday night, you will not be able to convince me that Duke is better than Butler.

What?! Dude, are you crazy?! No- well, at least not yet; stay with me.

James Hoban’s
April 7, 2010 – 7:38 PM | No Comment
James Hoban’s

There are times when a bar-goer gets so accustomed to what is considered “normal” that he or she becomes numb to it. It takes someplace beyond the norm to put things back in perspective.

Miller Releases New Craft Beer
April 7, 2010 – 11:59 AM | 3 Comments
Miller Releases New Craft Beer

Colorado Native Lager, which launches this week, comes from the No. 2 U.S. brewer’s A.C. Golden Brewing Co. unit, which brews craft-style beers in small quantities and markets them exclusively through digital and word-of-mouth channels.

2010 Spring Craft Beer Festival
April 6, 2010 – 6:01 PM | One Comment
2010 Spring Craft Beer Festival

Over 100 different craft brews from around the country were served at the 2010 Spring Craft Beer Festival at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum March 27.

The Laughing Man Tavern
April 5, 2010 – 10:41 AM | No Comment
The Laughing Man Tavern

Why isn’t this place more crowded? Not so far from the heart of the city, The Laughing Man has good beer, good food, good specials, plenty of space, and a warm, inviting feel. Add in the amicable staff, and you’d think it would be wall-to-wall people at all times.

The Front Page
April 1, 2010 – 10:20 AM | No Comment
The Front Page

A sprawling restaurant with two big bar areas, The Front Page has one of DC’s more renowned happy hours. This estimation is no doubt propagated by fans of food rather than beer, as it is the half-price appetizers that offer the big draw. Of ten good tap beers, only Yuengling is available at a super-bargain $2.75 per pint.

Bier Garden Girl of April
April 1, 2010 – 1:01 AM | No Comment
Bier Garden Girl of April

Belfast Bay – Lobster Ale

Lobster Ale has a rich copper color, moderate head of foam, big fruity nose. It’s packed with apple-pear flavor, nice malt backbone, and barely balancing hops in the finish.