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WWE NXT – Rating: C-

Submitted by on March 9, 2010 – 2:45 PMNo Comment
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Can you smell-l-l-l-l-l-l-ow what the WWE has cookin’?

Daniel Bryan

Don’t worry; neither can they. If Vince McMahon was only interested in presenting a quality product than he might want to think twice about his newest venture, WWE NXT (SyFy, 10PM on Tuesdays).

The second attempt at a reality show for WWE, WWE NXT is a cross between traditional reality programming and the standard live-action scripted programming that has made WWE famous. In the show, eight wrestlers from the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling, sort of a triple A) get a chance to compete for a shot at joining the RAW roster. Along the way they will be able to learn from the pros. Each wrestler will be paired with a current WWE star.

Making the show is a brilliant move on McMahon’s part. Wrestling is something that fans cannot get enough of. If the fans want more, it only makes sense to give them more. Instead of diluting his current product by saturating the market with it, McMahon gives fans a taste of their favorites while testing out a bunch of newcomers. Even though the show is billed as a reality competition, whichever wrestlers score with fans the most will undoubtedly show up on RAW.

Fans of wrestling will either love it or hate it. The show does give them their favorites like The Miz, Christian, Matt Hardy, and Chris Jericho it also gives you a bunch of nobodies; the guys that use to appear on wrestling programs only to get their behinds handed to them. In this context they are being presented as the best of up and coming talent and the future of wrestling. There is just one thing missing from these guys compared to the stars that are mentoring them- talent.

Some of them are gifted athletes and it showed in the moves they pulled off in and around the ring. However, many of the scripted moves appeared a bit sloppy as if they were not sure what they were doing. The fights were no well choreographed like fans are accustomed to seeing on RAW, but a bit messy. Diehard fans will argue that there is a reason why these guys are being mentored. Not so diehard fans will simply say there is a reason why these guys have not been on television yet.

The basis of the show is interesting, pairing veterans up with rookies. Presenting it like a contest where the winner gets a shot at the big time helps make it interesting. For this show to garner much appeal outside of diehard fans the veterans need to get busy helping these guys develop personalities.

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