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Players – Rating: F+

Submitted by on March 5, 2010 – 10:31 AMNo Comment
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With so many cable channels jumping on the original show bandwagon, Spike decided they would do so earlier this year with Blue Mountain State, a show that paints college football in it a very primal state. Perhaps encouraged by its success they decided to try it again with Players.

When it comes to shows on Spike viewers expect certain things. They want to see sports, violence, and anything that relates to beer and babes. In Players (Spike, Tuesdays at 10:30PM) you get all that. All you have to do is throw in some jokes and you have a show every guy can love. However, when they made Players they seemed to have left that last ingredient out.

In its defense, Spike advertises it as a show that will bring television to new levels of tastelessness. Blue Mountain State is also tasteless- but funny. Many of the jokes are in such bad taste it is amazing that there is a channel that was willing to broadcast them in the guise of humor. Some of them were difficult to understand since all the curse words were bleeped out (of which there were many).

The reason why the tasteless jokes in BMS work is because the unknown actors in it are dynamic and interesting.  Spike was likely hoping the same would be said for Players. However, the line delivery was so flat and monotone that one has to wonder if the cast had even read the scripts prior to filming or if the casting director had just pulled in random people off the street.

As if it may redeem the show, a line scrolls across the bottom at one point that tells you that the uncensored version of the show will be aired later that night; as if adding in a bunch of curse words can make a joke about date rape funny.

The show gets a ‘+’ attached to the ‘F’ only because Blue Mountain State did not appear to be very good in its premier episode and is now one of the funnier show on television (if you’re a beer swilling, football loving, chest thumping man’s man).

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