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Latin Crab Cocktail

Submitted by on March 28, 2010 – 4:39 PMNo Comment
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Though it would seem strange to enjoy something as delicate as fresh lump crab meat with beer I have added spice and lime that pairs well. The heat from fresh Serrano peppers along with the refreshing cilantro and lime creates a dish full of character. Perfect for a small appetizer or bowl it all up together and enjoy with chips.

I wanted to find a great beer near the coast to drink with this dish. I stumbled upon the Florida Beer Company. They have a golden lager that is light and crisp, brewed with two rowed hops and just perfect for this dish.



-2 lbs of lump crab meat
-2 bunches of cilantro
-1 bunch of scallions
-2 limes
-2 Serrano peppers
-2 tablespoons of good mayonnaise


1. Start with your crab meat in a bowl and gather a rubber spatula. This is the perfect tool for working with great crab meat and not mushing it to bits

2. Chop your herbs finely and toss into your bowl. Juice your two limes into the bowl as well. Halve your Serrano peppers and remove the seeds. Dice the chiles finely and add to the bowl. Wash your hands as the oil from the peppers can easily be wiped on your face or eyes or worse and burn like crazy.

3. Add your mayo to the bowl and gently begin to fold the items together. Add a tablespoon of salt. Do your best to be gentle with the crab. I love the great big lumps of crab in this dish.