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I used to know a fish monger who called lobster “the cockroaches of the sea.” Now that was his personal opinion and I gave him that. Obviously he never had one pan roasted in foamy brown butter with a generous splash of Jameson whiskey and another of cream.

This classic Irish dish is great for the month of March. Always buy your lobsters live and personally I enjoy a smaller, younger crustacean. I feel the meat is sweeter and more tender.

The Red Biddy from Biddy Early Brewery in Ireland is the perfect brew for a rich seafood dish like this. It is sweet and light, for an Irish beer. The red is brewed with chocolate, crystal malts and bog myrtle from the mountains instead of hops for flavor


– 4 live lobsters 1 1/2 to 2 lbs
– 2 tbsp of canola oil
– 2 cups of butter
– 3 cups of Jameson Whiskey
– 2 cups of heavy cream


1. Split your lobsters straight in half lengthwise with a sharp long blade. You are extinguishing a creatures life so make sure you use a sharp knife to make it quick. You can clean out the vein from the tail if you like.

2. The key to foaming butter without burning it is to add a little oil. Start your oil and butter in a large pan or pot that will fit the lobsters. Keep it on a medium heat and the butter will begin to foam. Add your lobsters cut side down.

3. After about 2 minutes flip to the other side remove your pan from the heat and add your whiskey. It will burst into flames once it hits the heat again so keep that in mind. Allow the flames to die down and add your cream

4. Finish this dish with the heavy cream and reduce the sauce by half over a high heat. Add some salt if you think it necessary. Serve this with some boiled beans or champ.