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NFL Full Contact – Rating: B (A if you’re a die-hard football fan)

Submitted by on February 15, 2010 – 1:53 PMNo Comment
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It is a sad day when the NFL football season ends. It is inevitable. It cannot be avoided. It cannot be stopped. It is as certain as death and taxes- that is, until now. The good people at truTV have given us a behind the scenes look into an American passion, the NFL season, with NFL Full Contact.

NFL Full Contact is not just your typical behind the scenes look. There have been specials on for years that have shown what it is like to be in the locker room and on the sideline of an NFL game as well as the trials and tribulations of practice for an NFL team. HBOhas taken the story lines like these that were once the subject of many an NFL Films movie with Hard Knocks. NFL Full Contact takes a perspective on a behind the scenes look like no other before.

There is so much that goes into producing an NFL game that fans just don’t know about. There is the cameraman, guys like Bob Angelo that will do whatever it takes to get the best show possible. When it comes time for the NFL Draft, there are guys like Sammy Choi that have to orchestrate the entertainment that goes with twelve hours of draft coverage and the music, videos, and personnel that makes the NFL the entertainment spectacle that it is. No event would be complete without a man like Bob Hast (a former Secret Service agent) doing security.

No team would be complete without a boss; in this case it is Frank Supowitz, Senior Vice President in Charge of Events. It is his job to make sure that everything runs smoothly at NFL events like the Draft, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Opening Day. It is up to him to make the boring business of the NFL into an entertainment event that no one would want to miss. If it means that he must answer phones and run messages when the communication system breaks down and the referees cannot reach the timekeeper.

NFL Full Contact has entertainment value for even the most casual of fans. Those that are interested in reality style television will find it interesting to see just what it takes to produce the extravaganzas that make the NFL what it is. Football fans will get a deeper appreciation for the game that they love by seeing all the work that goes into giving fans what they want.

Producers were also smart in keeping this series short, just 6 episodes. Much more would probably end up giving the viewer a lot of the same thing instead of something different and exciting every week. Plus each episode will likely live on in reruns for quite some time.

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