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Bar Review: Saloon NYC

Submitted by on February 9, 2010 – 8:42 PMNo Comment
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1584York Avenue (between 83rd and 84th)
New York, NY
212.570.5454" target="_blank">

Hours of Operation:Fridays & Saturdays 8pm-4am

Best Time To Go: Saturday Night

Saloon NYC describes itself as the “Best of Both Worlds” by fusing the NYC club scene with the NYC pub scene. If your group can’t decide if they want to just drink or would also like to dance this is a good spot to visit and explore both options.

Saloon NYC has three full service bars spread out throughout the venue. When you first enter through the main entrance you meet the pub scene. Plenty of well groomed individuals hanging out and having a good time. It’s pretty tough to get in the door as the entryway stays packed but if you can make your way past the crowd it’s pretty worth it.

Continue to walk further back, past the DJ booth and you’ll come across the club scene. This section is just like any other club. Way too crowded, lots of drunk people jumping up and down and spilling drinks on you. If you really want to party it’s worth it to venture back there. Do not however expect to get good service at the bar in this area – while the bartenders are as attentive as possible you’re competing with too many other people for their attention.

If you feel a little clostrophobic head over to the third bar in the next room. You must leave the main dance floor but don’t worry you can still hear the music. This room is much less populous and allows you more space to move around and (gasp) actually order a drink at the bar! This section isn’t for you if you want to mix and meet new people but if you’re just trying to grab a drink this is your area.

There’s only one word to describe Saloon NYC: Poppin! Lots of good looking people in a chill atmosphere that allows you to drink, dance and enjoy your night. What’s great about it is you get to party and dance the night away without dressing too fancy (like you might at a regular night club) but you also get to chill and layback like you would at a dive bar. By combining the club and the bar Saloon NYC does a pretty impressive job of creating the “Best of Both Worlds”.

Pros: Great atmosphere

Cons: Cover charges

Rating 4 out of 5