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Human Target – Rating: B+

Submitted by on January 20, 2010 – 5:11 PMNo Comment
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For most of us another day at the office is just that- another day at the office. However, for Christopher Chance it means that someone else is trying to kill him.

Chance (Mark Valley) is a security expert on the new Fox series Human Target (Wednesday at 9pm). He takes a rather unique style into personal protection. Instead of acting like the traditional body guard Chance becomes part of the client’s life to such a degree that he becomes the target of the killer’s attention. In the preview episode that aired prior to the 24 premier he did such a good job of it that the hostage taker thought that he had one person tied up, the target of his rage, when it was Chance all along. When the hostage taker gave Chance an opening, he took him down.

While Chance is placing himself directly in the line of fire his partner, Winston (Chi McBride), does what he can to help figure out who the bad guy is. Reluctantly he accepts the assistance of one of Chance’s cohorts, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). Together they help keep Chance alive while he steps into harm’s way in order to keep the client alive.

The story so far seems to be fairly simple, but the superb acting completely makes up for what the story lacks in substance. Mark Valley, a West Point graduate, has numerous television series and movies on his resume including roles in numerous programs like Boston Legal, Keen Eddie, Pasadena, Once and Again, ER, and The 4400. Chi McBride was most recently in the ABC series Pushing Daisies and is most well known as the principal on another Fox series Boston Public. After a 15 year absences from acting, Haley returned in 2004 with a role in All the King’s Men and was more recently the character Rorsach in the Watchmen; he will also be the next Freddy Krueger when the Nightmare on Elm Street series is revived in 2010.

Fox could have another it on their hands with Human Target, a show loosely based on the DC comic that originated back in 1972. The premise behind the show is a simple yet entertaining one, an entertaining mix of mystery and action that will keep the viewer coming back for more. With such talented, iconic actors in the leading roles the show will have time to get the scripts up to par with the acting talent. When that happens Fox could potentially have one of the best shows on television on its hands.

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