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Extraordinary Measures – Rating: B+

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It is seldom that a movie can come along that is able to move audiences to tears. Extraordinary Measures is one of those movies.

The movie is based on the true story of John Crowley and his fight to save the lives of two of his children, Megan and Patrick. Both are confined to wheelchairs and require nearly round the clock care due to the debilitating disease they both have. Their prognosis is not good as they are expected to lose more and more muscle and some of their organs become engorged. Life expectancy for both is 8-9 years; the movie opens on Megan’s 8th birthday (Patrick is six).

Not willing to accept what doctors are saying is inevitable, John Crowley (Brendan Frasier) leaves a lucrative job in order to chase down Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) and start up a bio-tech firm with the intention of creating a drug that while unable to cure the two children will save their lives.

The movie focuses on the struggle that Crowley and his wife (Keri Russel) go through knowing that their children are expected to die soon and not being able to accept it. John struggles throughout the movie with trying to work towards finding a drug while knowing that if he fails he is missing out on hi children’s final days.

What makes this movie is the story. It is a compelling and moving story that is well told and easy to get wrapped up in. The acting is adequate, but neither Fraser nor Ford stand out; Russell plays the role of mother and wife well but is not featured in many scenes. This movie will definitely appeal to those with children, couples, and generally an older crowd. The younger generation may have a harder time being drawn into the story and relating with the pain and struggles that the family goes through.

Extraordinary Measures is a quality movie, but not necessarily for everyone. Those that do take a chance on it will not be disappointed.

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