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Damages – Rating: C-

Submitted by on January 30, 2010 – 12:56 PMNo Comment
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A few things are for certain in the world of television- Conan O’Brien will be back and better than ever, some cartoons are made as much for adults as kids, and people love legal dramas. Damages (FX, Mondays at 10pm) falls into the third category.

Historically, Damages has tackled one major legal case with each season. In season 3 the series will revolve around a story line that many viewers may be able to relate to. Close’s Hughes has been appointed as special investigator in charge of finding out what a diabolical investor has done with the billions he defrauded his clients of.

The show has one of the most talented casts on television. Glenn Close plays lawyer Patty Hughes, a ruthless but absolutely brilliant attorney. Rose Byrne is her former protégé Ellen Parsons who now works in the DA’s office.  Tate Donovan plays Hughes’s longtime lieutenant and newest partner (with the beginning of season 3) Tom Shayes.

Where the show has really shined in the past has been in the guest star cast. Ted Danson played a former CEO and object of Hughes’s wrath in season 1; William Hurt played a man from Hughes’s past in season 2. Season 3 star comedians Lily Tomlin and Martin Short in uncharacteristically dramatic roles as the matriarch of the family under investigation this season; Short is her lawyer.

The show has been critically acclaimed and deservedly so; the acting is stellar. However, the show can be a little confusing to follow. In the season 3 premier the show was constantly cutting back and forth 6 months with no discernible pattern or clear reason. The progression of events seemed to be rather choppy and poorly thrown together as if the producers were creating a visual puzzle for viewers to sort out.

Perhaps after watching a previous season this show would make more sense. Coming into season three having not seen an episode before it made little to no sense. If you have the time to watch any of the prior episodes in order to get up to speed with the show than maybe this one will be worth watching. However, there are plenty of good legal dramas on television; no need to take the time to figure this one out.

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