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Blue Mountain State – Rating: C+

Submitted by on January 15, 2010 – 8:55 AMNo Comment
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Laughs should come easy and without much thought. That concept is exactly what Spike TV is banking on with its new scripted show Blue Mountain State (Tuesday at 10pm)  which centers around three freshmen starting college at a fictional football powerhouse and the misadventures that follow.

Alex is the quarterback who will be relegated to back up duty in his freshmen year which is fine by him. He’s more concerned with partying then he is with playing football. His best friend and roommate Sammy wants to be the school’s mascot (and goes to some rather unique measures in order to obtain that spot from the current mascot). Craig is the star of the bunch; he is expected to be the future of the team as well as an NFL prospect, or at least that is what his control-freak of a girlfriend tells him.

From there the show takes every stereotype that can possibly be packed into a 30 minute program and exploits them for laughs. A lot like the classic college comedy Animal House except much, much raunchier, this show will stoop to the lowest levels imaginable to get a laugh out of its audience.

For example, the pilot episode centered on some of the hazing that the new recruits have to endure at the hands of the team’s veterans. Interestingly enough, the ringleader is a muscle bound guy that protests loudly whenever anyone makes a homosexual reference to the time honored hazing rituals; the first one- freshmen players shaving each other’s private region. Later in the show he challenges Alex, Sammy, and Craig to a rather unique style race with a cookie going somewhere cookies do not belong.

The show is not littered with talent or even recognizable faces. The only one which older viewers might recognize is former New York Jet star, Edward Marinaro who plays the head coach. Smallville fans will recognize Sam Jones III who plays black running back, Craig. Luckily the show does not need a cast of stars to pull off the gags that it pulls.

Blue Mountain State does not pretend to be anymore than what it is, a low brow comedy exploiting what is deemed as wrong with college athletics for the purpose laughs. It is funny. However, if you are looking for anything even remotely mentally stimulating you will very disappointed. If you just want to laugh at something completely ridiculous than give this show a try.

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