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Shootin’ The Boot – Foolish, Foolish Pride

Submitted by on December 2, 2009 – 3:59 PMNo Comment
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travisLast week one of the most prolific scoring threats in NBA history made his intentions known that he is planning on retiring from the NBA. After not being able to find anyone willing to sign him on his terms, Allen Iverson has decided to hang it up after 14 seasons.

When it comes to a career, Allen Iverson has had an incredibly successful one in terms of individual accomplishments.  It is the ‘me first’ attitude that helped him garner so many awards that is also kicking him out of the NBA prematurely.

Iverson appears to have never learned one of the most important concepts of any team sport- no player is above the team. Yet he has shown throughout his career that he is more concerned about himself than he is about his team.

He refused to play in a 2004 game while still with the 76ers because then Coach Chris Ford was going to have him come off the bench since he was returning from injury. Iverson said he felt insulted. His team got killed 85-69.

allen iversonThat same attitude helped usher him out of Detroit in 2009. After the team made the announcement that Iverson would not play anymore during the 2008-09 season due to back problems, he stated that it was due to Coach Michael Curry’s decision to have him come off the bench. It was that same attitude that would see him cut from the Grizzlies early in the 2009-10 season.

Allen Iverson claims that he still has an intense passion for the game and wants to play. If that was the case, than why can’t he play off the bench like his last two coaches wanted him to? The answer to that is simple:

Iverson cares about Iverson and little else.

Passion means that you will do whatever it takes to get on the court, and Iverson has proven that he will not do whatever it takes. Many a player has taken a lesser role with a team in order to keep playing and win a championship (or simply just keep playing). Those guys are remembered as great players, teammates, and champions. Those guys will live on as each championship is relived by fans and analysts alike.

Someone needs to remind AI of a universal truth: No one cares how good you are if you never won the big one. With his attitude it is clear that he never will.

Since he is done playing, Iverson will have plenty of time to enjoy a couple Winter Bocks from the St. George Brewing Company in his hometown of Hampton, Virginia. This Russian imperial stout pours a deep black color with little to no head. Not real bitter with a heavy chocolate flavor, the 10% ABV beer feels nice and creamy as it quenches your thirst and helps you forget what your foolish pride has cost you.