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Shootin’ The Boot – Big Break or Next Scapegoat?

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travisThere are two times in which coaches do not really want to get a head coaching job. You don’t want to be the guy taking over for an intensely popular and successful coach because you will never match up. You don’t want to take over for a team in the midst of a deep, spiraling nose dive either.

Tom Barrise is getting his chance to live the dream- he is a head coach of a professional basketball team. The only thing is that team happens to be the New Jersey Nets in the midst of a potentially record breaking nose dive.  The Nets fired the coach with the most wins in team history, Lawrence Frank, prior to Sunday’s game with the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers (which they dropped 87-106).

Franks, who took over the job from Byron Scott when he got fired in January of 2004, began his career with a 13 game winning streak, the best start in league history, will miss holding another streak as the Nets have now tied the 1988-89 Miami Heat and the 1999 LA Clippers for ineptitude with 17 losses to begin the regular season.

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Tom Barrise

Now it will be up to Barrise to keep the Nets from holding the record outright. This challenge may prove to be too much for him though. The record breaking game will be played in the semi-friendly confines of their home court in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but it will be coming against a Dallas Maverick team that may be putting things together.

The Mavericks are coming off a week were they won two and lost two, with both wins coming on the road against the Rockets (where they scored 130) and the Pacers.  On the season the Mavs are scoring a blistering 103 points a game; over the last week, more than 110! Dirk Nowitzki is playing like a man determined to win the most valuable player award this season averaging over 27 points a game and close to 9 rebounds. Jason Kidd appears to be coming alive after a slow start to the season with three double- doubles since November 16th, and being close in several other games to the mark. When healthy, center Erik Dampier has almost averaged a double-double with close to 10 rebounds and 8 points a game.

Barrise, who has yet to be named the interim coach, will be taking a team that is averaging a NBA low 85 points a game and allowing 96 against one of the most prolific scoring offenses in the NBA. Eleven different players have started for the Nets with only one player starting all 16 dubious games. It is easy to see that the odds will be stacked pretty heavy against Barrise not having his name next to a record that no one wants.

After the game against the Mavericks on Wednesday, Barrise could almost definitely use a beer. While it may not be the high point of the season a beer from the High Point Brewing Company in nearby Butler, New Jersey. The Ramstein Winter Wheat is the most potent beer made at High Point with and ABV of 9.5%. The chocolate and caramel flavors combine with the hops to give this beer a smooth, creamy finish to give this beer a flavor that will beckon you back for more.  It is only available in the winter months starting in November so drink this one while you can.