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White Collar – Rating: A-

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The Cast of White Collar

The Cast of White Collar

When you find the right formula you should stick with it.  That’s what Joe Montana and Jerry Rice did for years; so have George Steinbrenner and the Yankees.  Heck, Yogi and Boo Boo kept it pretty simple and always managed to put one over on Ranger Rick.

The USA Network has done the same with network television.  They have figured a pattern to making entertaining television that works.  Something needs to be solved; not necessarily a crime (like in Monk, Psych, In Plain Sight), but there needs to be a mystery or problem (Royal Pains, Burn Notice).  There needs to be two central characters, one more serious than the other (Michael and Sam/ Fionna in Burn Notice; Gus and Sean in Psych; Hank and Evan in Royal Pains).  Surround them with supporting characters that compliment the leads while being entertaining in their own right (too numerous to mention; just check my past reviews of the aforementioned shows).

Combine a simple yet engaging premise with quality writing, and a cast of talented actors and you will have a sure fire hit on your hands like the USA Network does once again with White Collar.   

Matt Bomer plays con artist Neal Caffrey.  FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim Dekay) is the only man that could catch him.  After a visit from his girlfriend, Caffrey pulls a daring escape from a maximum security prison in which he had only four months left.  Burke gets pulled off his current case in order to track him down (which he does so easily although Caffrey was not trying to get away.  Knowing that he just added time onto his sentence for the escape Caffrey makes an intriguing proposal to Burke- he’ll help the FBI track down criminals in exchange for his freedom.

Caffrey gets released into Burke’s custody on a trial run.  While he does help capture the bad guy, it is apparent that he has his own motives in not being in prison.

The USA Network has done it again.  Somehow they manage to gather together a collection of talented yet not extremely well known actors; all of the central characters are recognizable.  They are the actor you’ve seen but since they are hardly ever the main character you do not remember their name.  Once again the writing is witty and entertaining.  Unlike most shows on TV these days they tell a complete story in each episode.

rogue_maierfestlagerThe pilot was okay; perhaps due to the other network shows I expected it to be funnier.  However, I do know that like every other show that USA makes it will just get better with age.  Set your TIVO for this show on Friday (10pm).  You will not regret it.

Beer: I decided to drink Maierfest Lager from the good people at the Rogue Brewery. This brew is as close to an Oktoberfest beer that the Rogue Brewery gets.  Made from Oktoberfest 2633 Yeast, three different malts, and Oregon Perle Hops this dark gold colored German lager has a rich malty aroma and a dry, refreshing taste.  Just don’t let the 5.6% AB get to you and let you think you can get away with a White Collar caper of your own.