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The Jeff Dunham Show – Grade: B-

Submitted by on November 3, 2009 – 7:23 PMOne Comment
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jeff_dunhamCable television is an absolute boon to the dreamer inside of us all.

Anyway that says they haven’t fantasized about stardom in some form is lying be it on the athletic field, on television, in movies, or through flexing the golden pipes in song.  In years past it took an act of God along with some incredible luck after years of work to get even a chance at stardom.  For example, comedian Tim Allen started his road to fame in 1975; it took 16 years before he was given his own show (Home Improvement).

Like Allen, Jeff Dunham has been at for sometime himself having begun acting/ comedy while still in college at Baylor University.  Dunham appeared on a number of shows throughout the 90s using the not-too-common medium of ventriloquism.  His collection of politically incorrect characters such as José Jalapeño on a Stick, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Bubba J, and Walter among many others earned him a number of Comedy Central shows starting around 2003.  Now the network has decided to give the man his own show.

The half hour program showing on Comedy Central Thursdays at 9pm is basically a miniature version of one of his standup act, but with some skits inserted.  In the series premiere Jeff and Walter went to see a therapist because they argue so much.  After discovering that the therapist was gay they were able to bond over not having any attraction whatsoever with each other.  Peanut tried to go out with Brooke Hogan, but was sent to the hospital after an allergy attack was triggered due to Achmed the Dead Terrorist put peanuts in the guacamole.  Later, Bubba J was able to bond with a fellow gun enthusiast at a L.A. shooting range.

It goes without saying that the man is talented.  Ventriloquism is not the easiest of arts to make entertaining in this day and age, but Dunham is terrific with his slew of characters.  While the show is funny, much like his stand up acts, skit shows are not known for being successful.  I also have to wonder if Dunham and crew can sustain their own show week in and week out.

Jeff Dunham is talented and his characters are funny.  In this age of political correctness it is refreshing to see someone make a living off of not being PC (and not being obnoxious at the same time).  I sincerely hope his show is a success.

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