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The Battle of the V’s

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Travis Pulver, entertainment writer, compares and contrasts the television hit series V (1983) and V (2009). Will the new version live up to the old one?

v_lV (1983) – Rating: A

A miniseries graced the airwaves in 1983 about a race of aliens that came to help bring peace and harmony to the planet in exchange for certain minerals that will help save their dying planet.  They prove their sincerity by giving the world a cure for cancer with the promise of other technological and medical advances to come.

The real reason for the aliens, known simply as the visitors, wanting to cure the world of disease is discovered.  The minerals they need to save their planet happen to be us, the human race.  We are their next source of food.   These aliens that are human in appearance are actually lizard creatures bent on world domination and destruction.

The miniseries was successful enough to spawn a sequel called V: The Final Battle.  This in turn led to the creation of the series that ran from 1984-85 set a year after the final battle.  One of the best sci-fi series of all time according to Entertainment Weekly, this show made sci-fi interesting and entertaining without the advantage of CGI.

The SyFy Channel ran a marathon of the series all day Monday and Tuesday leading to the premiere of the ABC retooling of the show Tuesday night.

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v-tv-show-2009V (2009) – Rating: B

It is extremely tough remaking a show that has generated somewhat of a cult following like the original V series.  Sci-fi fans tend to rabidly loyal and hate to see their favorites sullied and perverted into something they do not like or even recognize.  While those fans may not be entirely happy with the new ABC re-creation of V they will like it if they give it a chance.  My own opinion of the show was affected by my appreciation of the original.

Where ABC went wrong is in not starting out in a similar fashion to the original.  The original began in a miniseries event to get to where the new show did in one episode.  As a fan of the original, I felt like I was watching a series of highlights instead of a smooth story.  There was really little development in the story line establishing the alien presence as a good thing before it was being portrayed as a negative one (referring to them as the Vs– dumb idea, ABC).  The first episode also seemed to focus a lot on different side stories for the many characters taking away from the main storyline.

That being said, I did enjoy the recreation even though I think it could have been better done.  The cast is a collection of talented up and comers and veteran personalities that are too numerous to mention here.  I must give kudos to the producers for collecting such a large group of talented actors in one show.  In case the scripts don’t measure up I have no doubt that these people will bring the best show possible to the table.

It is hard to remake a classic.  So far ABC is doing a good job, but as a fan o the original I hope they will do a better one.  For now, I will be setting my TIVO to record this show every Tuesday at 8.

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