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Super Dave’s Spike-tacular – Rating: B-

Submitted by on November 20, 2009 – 10:32 AMOne Comment
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Super DaveDoes it seem strange that a man named Einstein would make a living by destroying himself over and over in a series of never-ending catastrophic stunts? It’s actually pretty ingenious, maybe living up to the Einstein moniker, since Super Dave doesn’t actually do any of the stunts.  He just makes people laugh with his self-absorbed, ridiculous antics.

Super Dave Osborne is back on television once again with the Super Dave Spike-tacular, a short series set to appear on the Spike Chanel.  Saturday the network aired a special episode prior to the series premiere which is Tuesday night at 9pm.

In this episode, Super Dave prepared to break the world speed record.  He was not supposed to know, but NASAR officials had placed explosives at two different spots on the track, but his keen stuntman senses picked out one of the spots. The rest of the show is fairly reminiscent of the summer show on Spike, Jesse James is a Dead Man.  Like with Jesse’s show, the show focuses on Super Dave’s preparation leading up to the big stunt.  Unlike Jesse, Super Dave takes what shots he can at injecting humor into the process.  He goes as far as to claim he will not objectify beautiful women in his show and refuse to add them in.  After it is made clear that it is a major selling point for the network you suddenly see one beautiful women after another every time the shot includes what should be Super Dave’s manager (when the women talk , his voice is what is heard).

Super Dave has been in the business a long time.  He has been cashing into things and blowing himself up ever since he first appeared on the John Byner Comedy Hour in 1972.  Most people will probably remember him from his many appearances on Late Night with David Letterman and the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson or maybe even the 1987 variety show Super Dave.

Super Dave is funny, but it is probably good that the network only has a handful of shows on the slate.  His is a type of comedy, obnoxious behavior followed by dangerous life-threatening stunts, is best in moderation, like the occasional appearances he use to have on the late night talk show circuit.  Were Spike to do more than the few shows they have I fear that they would be sorely disappointed in the viewer numbers eventually.

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Since the Super Dave Spike-tacular is on a limited run plan on setting your TIVO to record this stuntman extraordinaire as he finds new and ingenious ways to make us laugh as he blows himself up, gets run over by a train, and God knows what else!