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Shootin’ The Boot – Iron Mike Does it Again

Submitted by on November 14, 2009 – 7:49 AMNo Comment
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travisIn case you haven’t heard, former boxing heavyweight champion/ felon (I believe the conviction was sexual assault)/ wife beater/ has-been Mike Tyson is back in a jail cell for allegedly punching a photographer while travelling with his wife and daughter last Wednesday.  The incident occurred at the Los Angeles International Airport.

What in the world is this guy thinking?

At first thought I do not know who I should feel more sympathy for- Iron Mike or the photographer.  This shutter bug must be in dire straits to be willing to harass a man that is known for his extremely volatile temper, who knocked out 12 of his first 19 fights in the first round, and has a history of beating down anyone and anyone, who irks him.  When you press a guy like that as paparazzi are known for doing you know you are going to get hit- and hit hard.

Those seem like pretty desperate employment circumstances to me.  Guys use to get paid millions to get hit y this guy; this fool probably only gets paid if they use his picture.

It has to suck to be known to be such a hot head.  Tyson must be aware that people are going to act like this around him in hopes that he will get violent.  There is nothing like free press, which getting punched by a former heavy weight champ will get you.  After all he has been through it must be crazy having to deal with obnoxious people like the photographer goading him into violence.

As these thoughts pass through my mind I realize who I feel sympathy for- that 10 month old little girl that calls the former Kid Dynamite daddy.  Her male role model does not have enough common sense and control in order to refrain from violence when he is around his wife and daughter.  As someone who got so out of control during a fight that he bit of part of a man’s ear, you would think that by now he would be looking to be someone that his wife and daughter can be proud of.  Instead he is getting in fights and getting thrown in jail.

Tyson’s publicist claims it was self defense and that Iron Mike was protecting his family.  If that is the case I hope that photographer was getting a hefty advance for harassing the former champ just to get a few pictures.  If you want to protect your daughter Mike, I am pretty sure there are plenty of cops around the airport that would be happy to help you.

It is high time you start acting like a responsible dad Mr. Tyson; not a thug.

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