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Shootin’ The Boot – #28 Well done Yankees

Submitted by on November 12, 2009 – 6:01 PMNo Comment
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Yankees_World Series


Well done Yankees.

Congratulations on a series well played.  You guys are truly the best in baseball.

I had the pleasure of being in New York when the Yankees won #23 back in 1996.  I played football for the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and we had just played a big game that day ourselves.  Ready to unwind we ascended into NYC.  As we walked into a bar in Manhattan we saw the strangest sight- a capacity crowd in a popular NYC hotspot deathly quiet and staring at the wall as if the Virgin Mary herself was making an appearance.  For Yankee fans it was the next best thing because it was the Yankees finishing off the Braves in Game 6 (then the place went nuts).

I have no doubt that the celebration last week was just as legendary as the one I experienced that night many years ago.  As I celebrated in the streets I had the pleasure of running into an extremely hot young lady who kept asking me if I was a Yankee fan and then kissing me.  Needless to say I made sure I ran into her a lot.

Winning a 27th World Series title is an amazing feat which only you can top by winning a 28th. Now that the parade has ended and the visit to Letterman come and gone it is time to get to work on winning the next one.  Key pieces to the championship puzzle have already filed for free agency including World Series MVP Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Eric Hinske, Jose Molina and Xavier Nady.  Even though Matsui and Damon have both stated that they want to return, Yankee management says it is too early to start planning for 2010.

They better get to work soon because the competition is not waiting for the Yankees to say go.  Boston has already added depth to their outfield by trading for 25 year old left-handed Jeremy Hermida.  Mark Teahen (formerly of the Royals) looks to solidify the White Sox infield by freeing up Gordon Beckham to play shortstop and allowing Alexei Ramirez to return to 2nd.  Minnesota hopes to improve at shortstop by adding J.J. Hardy from the Brewers and giving up outfielder Carlos Gomez.

usa-brooklyn-monster-alejpgBeing on top is great; however, you can’t forget that everyone else is clamoring for a chance to take you down.  Enjoy the feeling that #27 brings Yankees, but if you want to see #28 next year I suggest you get to work.

Perhaps while the Yankee brain trust peruses the current list of players filing for free agency they can pop open a couple Brooklyn Monster Ales from the Brooklyn Brewery.  A classic barley wine, this ale is crafted from a combination of Scottish Floor Malted Maris Otter and English Two-Row malt along with three types of hops (Willamette, Cascade, and American Fuggle) to give it its distinct, refreshing flavor.  At 10.8% ABV I would not recommend drinking too many of these before discussing contracts with anyone otherwise there is no telling how much Steinbrenner will be paying!