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I Want to Work for Diddy 2 – Rating: B+

Submitted by on November 11, 2009 – 6:38 PMNo Comment
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It is time for Donald Trump to retire The Apprentice.  Now that he is into the celebrity additions the show has become rather predictable and dull.  It use to be fresh, interesting, and even a little exciting.  The prospect of being a normal person and working for Donald Trump was intense!  Who wouldn’t want to work for such a man?  Now it is just a matter of what faux celebrity is willing to use their friends the most in order to win.

I Want to Work For Diddy 2A new filthy rich guy has taken over the television show interview genre.  He’s been called Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Sean Combs, and simply Diddy.  Whatever you want to call him the guy his success is remarkable to say the least.  That success has continued with his new show I Want to Work for Diddy 2.

The show starts off in a rather unique fashion.  All the contestants were gathering outside the office building where Diddy does his magic thinking they were going to meet the man and get started.  Instead they were directed to their residence for the night- the top of a parking garage and a bunch of sleeping bags.  During the interviews the next day Diddy had a little fun with the contestants as well.  Instead of the typical type of interview he basically messed with them, acting like he was getting drunk, eating lunch while they watched, saying nothing, and even professing his love to one of the guys.

Trump liked to promote other people’s products and I’m sure he made a mint in the process.  Diddy is a little bit smarter; he promotes his own.  The first challenge had the contestants recording a phrase promoting the album in as many different languages as they could find in New York City (perfect place, right?).  One of the groups had to go pick up one of Diddy’s products from a Sean Combs store.  Self promotion that is entertaining- paying attention Donald?

Diddy is doing what Trump use to do in his reality show.  He is taking people out of their comfort zone and challenging them to go above and beyond.  Trump quit doing that his show became less and less interesting.  I Want to Work for Diddy is what The Apprentice use to be- entertaining, interesting, and engaging.

I will be tuning in Mondays at 10pm and suggest you do the same.

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