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Cranberry Chutney

Submitted by on November 16, 2009 – 4:00 PMNo Comment
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cranberry-chutneyA Spicy Twist to a Thanksgiving Tradition!

When it comes to cranberry sauce, there seem to be only three basic options.  There’s jellied cranberry sauce that retains the shape of the can when it’s put into a serving dish.  There’s whole-berry sauce that’s tart and sweet at the same time with berries that burst like bubbles in your mouth.  And finally there’s cranberry-orange relish that’s made from scratch and provides a fresh, palate-cleansing tang to the feast.



1 bag cranberries, washed and sorted
1 medium red onion, chopped
2 tbsp  butter
1 ¼ cup  granulated sugar
3 tbsp apple cider  vinegar
Grated ginger root to taste (I use 2 tablespoons)
Pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
Dash salt


1. Sauté chopped onions in the butter until soft and translucent

2. Add cranberries, sugar and vinegar

3. Add ginger and a dash of salt.

4. Cook cranberry-onion mixture on low-medium heat until it is reduced and syrupy.

5. Stir in a dash of cayenne pepper (optional).

6. Serve warm or at room temperature.

This recipe makes several cups of chutney, so you can give guests leftovers to go along with the foil-wrapped packages of turkey and stuffing,

DuvelBring on the beer

Somebody will show up at the Thanksgiving feast with a couple of bottles of white wine, and that’s nice, but at the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims would have drunk beer.  We think that’s a tradition worth continuing.  Since it’s a celebration, go with one of the heavily carbonated Belgian brews like golden Duvel or Chimay Grande Reserve.  Another good choice would be an American amber ale like Boont Amber Ale or the California-brewed Red Rocket Ale.