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Bar Review: Mary Carroll’s

Submitted by on November 21, 2009 – 11:36 AMNo Comment
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Mary Carroll’s
121 Deer Park Ave
Babylon, NY
Tel: 631.587.6181


Hours of Operation: 2 PM to 4 AM, Seven days a week

Best Time to Go: Friday or Saturday night. Get in earlier to avoid being stopped at the door, but stay late for the atmosphere and warmth.

On a cold, rainy Saturday night in November, what could warm you up better than a nice Guinness? Mary Carroll’s…that’s what.

Walking into Mary Carroll’s in this weather feels like walking into a big, cozy ski lodge after a long day of soaking up the snow. With its huge stone fireplace and comfortable couch-lined lounges, Mary Carroll’s easily becomes a perfect spot to warm up and chill out.

Most pubs that have the foresight to throw a couch in the mix usually do so in singularity, offering maybe one tattered old loveseat for a drunk to pass out on late at night. Mary Carroll’s, however, is filled with beautifully old-fashioned couches, cushions, and booth seating. Surrounded by hard wood and crumbling, rustic brick walls, it feels more like you should be drinking hot cocoa than beer, but this would probably explain why Guinness is such a high seller at this Babylon pub.

Unfortunately, the only place the bar falls short is where some may feel it matters most. There is not an incredible selection of beers to choose from here, which is disappointing, but the essentials are all available. Samuel Adam’s Octoberfest is a good choice, but as Oktoberfest has ended and winter is upon us, some may prefer Sam Adam’s Winter Lager which the pub unfortunately does not carry yet. For any Irish beer enthusiasts, though, the bar provides accordingly. Guinness, Harp, Smithwick’s, and Magner’s Cider will dissapoint no Irish beer drinker, while Bass and Newcastle aim to satisfy any fan of an old English ale.

With a limited beer menu and an even shorter food menu (six dishes, all priced at five dollars a piece), Mary Carroll’s really plays up its excellent atmosphere. Most pubs with such petite selections tend to either be too pretentious to be enjoyable, or too much of a hole-in-the-wall the be inhabitable. Mary Carroll’s, however, uses its simplicity to its advantage. One of the most exciting aspects of the pub is the atmosphere. Without the distraction of glowing neon lights or head-pounding club music, the pub draws in a much more fun and adaptable vibe than many local sports dens or dance clubs. Mary Carroll’s tends to fall somewhere comfortably in between.

The most pleasant surprise of the night is the music selection. The huge range of indie rock and dance selections definitely make the Babylon bar a more interesting place to be. From The Killers to Passion Pit (a gigantic surprise that unleashed the excitement in our entire table), Mary Carroll’s never once succumbed to the candy pop of some teeny-bopper clubs or the grungy metal of Long Island’s more underground dive-bar scene.

Mary Carroll’s is a homely little place with a lot of room and is rarely so crowded that you’re forced against a wall. The general jive of the pub is comfortable and friendly. The age range is vast and unlimited, as anyone can enjoy a time at Mary Carroll’s if they are not looking to drink unusual or out-of-the-ordinary beers.

Pros: Comfortable for all your senses; fantastic music selection for indie-rock lovers.

Cons: Limited beer menu, very limited food menu.

Rating: 4 out of 5