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The Luke Mulholland Band – Further – Grade: B+

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The Luke Mulholland Band’s newest release, Further, consists of catchy chorus’ that will get every foot tapping along to the beat, and melodies that will have everyone talking. Paired with refreshing lyrics that anyone can relate to, this fourth album puts forth the accomplished, impeccable guitar playing of the 19 year old, Canadian, Luke Mulholland. It is his flawless guitar playing that sets the tone for this album. Receiving his first guitar at the tender age of 10, Luke began playing classical music but then advanced to the more current music of Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit. It wouldn’t be long after that, that Luke Mulholland would try to emulate the skilled guitar of legends Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. This rhythmic Rock/Blues style of playing is consistent throughout and is done so, successfully.

By the age of 13, Luke would then really begin his musical career after his father lukemulhollandtook him to play his very first open-mic in his local area of Toronto, Canada. This first open-mic would set Luke’s addiction for playing for live audiences. Taking on the guitar, bass, drum programming and vocals, Luke wrote and recorded his first album Road Home in his bedroom.  Three albums later and innumerable performances, Further showcases the more mature song lyrics and playing that only a veteran musician would encompass.

Luke Mulholland’s newest release Further, which was recorded in December of 2007 and hit shelves in 2008, opens with the instrumental track “Go,” this sets the tone for the rest of the Rock-Blues album. This song, which features an unblemished guitar solo by Mulholland, removes any doubt that he is an accomplished musician at such a young age with many long years ahead of him.

The second track on Further, “Cold Night,” welcomes in the unique vocal talent and songwriting skills of Mulholland. Said to resemble the music of Pink Floyd, “Cold Night” embraces the classical rock feel of his music.

With lyrics which include, “If you get lost I will show you the way/ And if the trip gets rough I will keep you safe” from the song “Further,” his lyrics are wise beyond his years.

Throughout the rest of the CD, Mulholland grasps onto the blues sound while sporadically throwing in a guitar riff that will blow the mind of any listener.

You don’t have to be an avid lover of Blues music to fall into the music of Luke Mulholland. With skills that emulate that of music legends Jimi Hendrix and BB King, listeners can appreciate the skill level that Mulholland encompasses. At the age of 19 with four albums already under his belt and currently working on eight new songs for his next album, one may wonder what is next for this rising star.molson

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