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Sanctuary – Grade: C

Submitted by on October 31, 2009 – 9:20 AMNo Comment
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My inner geek tells me I must be truthful here and admit something I would otherwise never speak of in a public forum- I like the SyFy Channel (although the way they are spelling it now is pretty stupid).  Sanctuary_TV I ended up watching Warehouse 13 all summer while feeding my baby boy at 4 in the morning, and I have to say that the show was much better than I said in my earlier review.

Hopefully that will be the case with Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is the product of the same people that bring us Molson and Labatt (yes, it’s Canadian).  It began as a web series.  The folks at the SyFy Channel deciding to give it a chance after seeing how successful the web episodes were.  The beginning of the second season kicked off on Friday, October 9.

The show focuses on Dr. Helen Magnus who looks great for her 157 years.  She and her group of scientists run the Sanctuary, a facility that tracks and seeks out Abnormals (non-human intelligent creatures) with the hopes of studying them as well as containing the dangerous ones.  On the other hand, there is the Cabal, a group that sees all Abnormals as dangerous and wants to see them wiped from the Earth.

I was not able to garner this insightful knowledge watching the show however; I had to go to the shows official website.  The show appears to have jumped onto the bandwagon that Heroes started during its first season of creating an interlocking storyline that is supposed to progress throughout the season with each episode.  While this is great for the fans once they are locked in it makes it rather difficult to pick up new viewers.   The show begins with a brief update each time, but I did not find it enough to understand what was going on.

The premise is interesting if not all together original.  It basically shows the fear of the unknown and different preying on the human mind.  Some react violently, like the Cabal, and try to destroy what they do not understand; others try to actually understand like the Sanctuary.  The actors are virtually unknown in this country (maybe their big in the Great White North), but with the show being difficult to follow I find it hard to really pass judgment on their acting abilities.

Science fiction is a pretty difficult television genre.  To make it look believable and realistic you either have to have a sizable special effects budget or some of the world’s best writers. Many sci-fi shows with small budgets accept the fact that they are going to look cheesy as hell and use that as part of their appeal; cheese can be entertaining (but are often not enough to carry a show).  Sanctuary did not have any of the cheesy effects, but whether their writers are top-notch remains to be seen.

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