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Nip/ Tuck – Grade: A-

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nip-tuckI never knew how hard the pretty people have it until I watched Nip/ Tuck.  To keep those sculpted bodies must be hard work.  Those chiseled abs, that flawless skin, those firm legs, those plump, luscious, perky- lips; it can’t be easy having the perfect body.  Getting one and obtaining it- must be not just hard, but damn hard work.

Not for most of the people on the hit FX series Nip/ Tuck.  Why sweat, ache, and work for the perfect body when you can just pay for it?  That is where plastic surgeons Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy come in.   Got something about yourself you don’t like; these guys can fix it.

They do not stand alone as the cast of the show.  Julia (Joely Richardson) is the ex-wife of Sean who also happened to have a child, Matt (John Hensley), by Christian.  Matt considers both Sean and Christian his dads, but the fun doesn’t end there.  Julia decided somewhere along the way that she was done with men and began dating women.  Dr. Liz Cruz (Roma Maffia) plays the practice anesthesiologist who, like Julia, prefers dating women over men as well.  Then there’s Kimber Henry (Kelly Carlson).  Kimber use to be married to Matt, dated both Christian and Troy, and until the current season worked in the adult film industry for the actor formerly known as Bo Duke (John Schneider).

It may seem like a lot to follow but it really isn’t.  Essentially what you have is a bunch of beautiful, self indulgent, narcissistic people that can’t seem to get it right no matter how hard they try.  At the end of the last season Christian thought he was dying so he proposed to and married Liz.  Once he found it his diagnosis was a mistake he decided he wanted out.  Liz isn’t appreciative of how he is treating her so she is suing him for divorce (she probably really hates the idea of dating men now).  Kimber decided to get into electrolysis now that her porn career is shot.  Matt is studying the art of the mime while holding up businesses with his flower gun.  Julia is recovering from a gunshot to the head as she laments the loss of her girlfriend.  With the business going down the tubes due to the economy, Sean has become a bit of an insomniac even though he has the extremely hot Rose McGowan sharing his bed.

What makes this show so good is that they are actually able to balance all these crazy storylines while producing a show that is entertaining and easy to follow.  Much of the credit there has to go to the direction, editing, and writers for crafting such a likable show out of people that are not really all that likable.   It helps to have such a great cast as well.  Most of the cast have rather impressive resumes from theater to feature film to cable television movies and television shows with a number of awards scattered throughout.

goose_islane_oktoberfestNip/ Tuck draws you in by presenting some great characters in some interesting and unique story lines.  Take the season opener from last Wednesday (10pm).  Mario Lopez joined Sean and Christian and turned them onto a new moneymaker for the practice- the reconstructions of a woman’s- you know- um, “flower.”

Watch Nip/ Tuck once and you will find yourself going back for more just to see what they will rebuild next.

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