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Law Abiding Citizen – Grade: A

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The Thriller is back! Law Abiding Citizen tells the story of an ordinary guy who decides to take justice into his own hands after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered in their home. The plot focuses on Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) who ten years after the murders of his family, decides to go after the Assistant District Attorney Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) after making a deal with one of the murderers. Things only get worse after Shelton kills one of the assassins who is released from prison. As Shelton himself is imprisoned for his crimes, he continues to test the DA and the system by a series of killings, even though he is locked away. His retaliation terrorizes not only the man, who allowed a murderer to walk away, but the system and the city that allowed it to be so. The only one who can stop him, the prosecutor on his case, Nick Rice.

Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is locked away after brutally slaughtering one of the men who killed his family and painfully arranging the death of the other slayer. A brilliant inventor, Shelton takes matters into his own hands in teaching lesson to the District Attorney and the system which made it possible for the guilty to roam free. Strategically formulating plans behind bars to take down the city and system, Shelton tactically sets up brilliant yet gruesome murders to punish all those involved in the corrupted legal system which allows assassins to walk away guilt free.

Disaster continues to reign as one by one, individuals in the legal system are picked off all while the only known suspect is behind bars. The system and the city are in a panic as no one knows how or why this can occur. Thinking that there must be an accomplice, as the only viable explanation, Shelton proves that it only takes one person to teach a lesson.

Fully equipped with brilliant writing, and flawless acting, Law Abiding Citizen brings back the Drama/Thriller genre. The script was meant for Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, as no other possible actors could have captured the chemistry that these two men have on screen. The sociopath character of Butler and the rugged, stern character of Foxx bring forth the idea that great movies can still be made.

Harviestoun_bitter&twistedBeer Pairing: Every Thriller needs a beer that thrills and excites the taste buds and in honor of the lead Scot in the film, it deserves to be paired with a thrilling beer, Bitter & Twisted, from Harviestoun. This blond beer is sharp tasting with the tastes of honey and a tinge of spicy fruit from the grapefruit and lemon.

Style: English Indian Pale Ale
Hops: Hersbrucker, Challenger, Styrian Golding