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Tool Academy 2 – Rating: B

Submitted by on September 8, 2009 – 4:09 PMNo Comment
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Man is by nature a primal beast.  We are suppose to take what we want, do what we want, and be what we want damn the consequences.  But since man has evolved into organized societies this mentality just does not work anymore.  Although most of us have gotten the picture (to some extant) there are some that look at the monkey throwing poo at the zoo and think, “Cool.”


Enter the Tool Academy, a show intended to take the “ego enhanced” and through challenges and therapy turn them into decent human beings.  Therapy sessions are intended to highlight certain aspects of their relationships that are failing.  The challenges are meant to test their commitment and willingness to change from their old ways.

This season the men descended on Las Vegas to compete for the title of international party king for Her Energy Drink (title fake, drink real).  While they proceeded through the fake competition their girlfriends stood behind a mirror and watched.  Right when the guys thought the international party king was to be announced the bombshell was dropped- they were the next class of tools at the Tool Academy.  As could be expected, the guys were just a little shocked.

No time was wasted as the first therapy session came the day after the guys and girls arrived at the Tool Academy site.   In therapy the couples got to watch the men refer to their relationships in less than flattering ways.  The ladies were understandably upset, some even resorting to mini violent outburst in reaction to what their boyfriends said and did on film.  Following therapy, the couples engage in a challenge meant to gauge their willingness to work on whatever concept was discussed in therapy.  As could be expected there were some couples that made a good effort while there were others that were not as open to change as some.

Based off of the therapy session and behavior during the challenge, the Tool Academy therapist decides who stays and who goes.  The eliminated tool then has to face the real test as his girlfriend must decide whether to dump her tool and move on or go home with him.

The first elimination set the stage for a great season as the expelled tool through a fit and refused to leave the set.  Eventually the tool had to be escorted off the set as he got yelled at by the host.

VH1 is onto something truly masterful.  It can’t cost much to make a show like Tool Academy.  No stars are involved that require anything above minimum wage.  There is no shortage of people willing to debase themselves on national television thinking it will give them a shot at fame (especially since VH1 has shown that they are more than willing to give average people their own show if they prove to be colorful and entertaining enough- see any show that New York was in, the I Love Money shows, Megan Wants a Millionaire, Daisy of Love and Real Chance of Love).

Tool Academy shows Man at his worst, acting a total and complete fool.  These guys act so foolish that it is almost hard to believe that they are real.

They are real.  They are damn entertaining too.

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