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Sons of Anarchy – Grade: B-

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Anyone would find it ironic that a show about a motorcycle gang is based in a town called Charming, something biker gangs are not really known for being.  That is the town which the FX show Sons of Anarchy is based.

Instead of using and abusing the town – a behavior which would be expected for a bunch of bikers – they work to keep their little oasis just like its name- charming.  The gang runs a successful (and legal) automotive shop.  Corporate developers, overzealous cops, drug dealers- all things which could make Charming not so charming are dealt with by whatever means necessary by the gang.  Oh yeah- they run an illegal arms business too.

sons-of-anarchyThe centerpiece of the show is Jackson Teller, the vice-president of the Sons of Anarchy.  Jackson is beginning to have issues with the increasing lawlessness of the club.  His mother, Gemma Teller Morrow is played by the former Peggy Bundy, Katey Sagal.  Hell Boy, or Ron Perlam, plays Clay Morrow, the president of the gang and Jackson’s father-in-law.

In the second season opener, the members of the Sons of Anarchy are dealing with the fallout surrounding the murder of Donna, wife of one of its members.  It was suppose to be her husband getting killed; Clay had reason to believe that he may have become a snitch for the feds, which is exactly what the feds wanted the gang to think (hoping that he would actually become a snitch).  The membership has been fooled into thinking it was a rival gang, but Jackson and a couple others know better.

While this is ongoing, the Sons are also dealing with LOAN, the League of American Nationalists (a fancy name for white supremacists).  Adam Akin plays Ethan Dobell, LOAN’s leader, but his lieutenant AJ Weston played by former hard rocker Henry Rollins looks to be the more engaging character.

I found Sons of Anarchy entertaining to watch the second time around.  The first time I had trouble following the story line.  There were just too many sub-plots intertwined with the main one for it to make sense.  The difference between the first viewing and second was that I was able to watch a few reruns.  Once I had an idea of what was going on the second season opener was pretty good.

What will get me to come back and give this show another shot is the cast.  I have never heard of Charlie Hungnam, but his portrayal of the morally torn Jackson Teller is believable; I could see myself rooting for this guy.  Katy Saga was great as a comedic actress all those years on Married with Children, but I think that dramatic acting might be her true calling.  Ron Perlman has never gotten enough credit for his work which makes it even better that he has a lead role in this series.

Overall, the Sons of Anarchy is an okay show.  The stellar cast makes it worth watching.  The storyline is a little confusing to follow, but maybe after watching a few more reruns I’ll be able to get a better grasp.  For now it is one I’ll keep in my TIVO queue.

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