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Shootin’ The Boot – Rugby Fans Rejoice!

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travisLet the tail gate down, fire up the grill, and fill your coolers sports fans!  Labor Day weekend gave football fans across the nation something to cheer about as the College Football season kicked into gear.  The cheering intensified and continued as the NFL season began a week later.

Sports fans across the U.S. were not the only ones cheering however.  Across the great, big pond known as the Atlantic Ocean rugby fans across Europe had something to cheer about as well as competition kicked off in the Guinness Premiership.

Confused? Most Americans would be since rugby has yet to catch on here like it has across most of the world.  Consider the way most Americans are about football, multiply that intensity by 100, and you get an idea of the love and devotion rugby generates worldwide.

The Guinness Premiership, so known due to the sponsorship provided by Guinness, pits twelve of England’s best rugby teams against each other through twenty two rounds of competition.  Unlike American Football, the team on top is not decided simply by wins and losses.  Points are awarded for the win (4), a draw (2), to a losing team that loses by 7 points or less (1), and a bonus point to teams scoring 4 tries or more (1).  After the twenty rounds are complete the top four teams will compete in a playoff with the two winners playing in the Finals in late May.

Last year’s finals winner was the Leicester Tigers.  The Tigers have been dominant throughout the last decade having won the Premiership six of the last ten years, and eight since the institution of the Premiership in 1987.  Their title defense began on a sour note as they lost to the Sale Sharks in a rain soaked match on September 4.  Defense was the name of the game that day as neither team scored, but the Sharks were able to convert one more penalty kick than the Tigers to win 15-12.  The following week they got back to their winning ways as they handed the Harlequins their second straight defeat to open the season as the Tigers.  However, once again the Tigers failed to score a try as the game was won on penalty kicks, 15-9.

The top four teams of the Guinness Premiership also qualify for the Heineken Cup.   Competition for it will begin in October.

To review a Guinness beer here would simply be telling most of you what you already know- Guinness rocks.  Instead, if you like Guinness than let me tell you about another beer you may like as well.

Titanic Stout comes from the Titanic Brewery located in Staffordshire, England.  Picture+313Founded in 1985, the brewery was named in honor of Captain Edward John Smith and the famous liner which he would command on its only voyage.  Either dark brown or black depending on the light in which it is viewed Titanic Stout is a dark combination of malt and roast with just a touch of hops.  It has a very creamy, rich flavor that starts off with a heavy fruity taste that quickly turns to a smoky, dark roasted malt taste with a bit of chocolate.  While the finish is somewhat bitter it has a surprisingly light aftertaste.

Overall, Titanic Stout is an excellent stout.  So if you like Guinness, but want to give something else a try do not hesitate to pick up one of these.