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Shootin’ The Boot – My Fantasy Football Team

Submitted by on September 6, 2009 – 1:13 PMNo Comment
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My Fantasy Football Team

travisFantasy sports competition has done as much if not more for sports than the invention of the radio or television.  Well, maybe not as much as television, but it has done quite a bit.

Now I love football and could watch any team at any time (although I will take the Cowboys, Texans, and ex- Oilers over everyone else).  I like baseball, but the games are too slow and there is no way you will get me to believe that some of those guys don’t take a few of the 162 games they play off.  Basketball is okay (loved it when the Rockets won back to back championships), but one man show street ball seems more dominant then real basketball.  Plus the real season does not even begin until the playoffs.

Enter Fantasy Sports- a game where you get to be the general manager drafting the best of the best and matching wits and skill to see who can pick out the most diamonds in the rough.  If Matt Millen can be a GM then why not the rest of us right?

The fantasy game, regardless what your favorite sport, has made every team relevant now.  A whole industry has even sprung up around the concept with numerous hosting web sites, advice, magazines, television shows, awards- you name it.  Some estimates project an impact of $3-4 billion- yes, I said BILLION- on the sports industry.

If you have not had your draft yet I am sure you will soon.    My brother runs the league I am in with most of the slots taken by his fraternity brothers.  Since there really all his friends I can talk as much trash as I want without having to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings (yes, guys have feelings).  It was even more fun my first year since most of them did not know me and thought it was my brother talking trash instead of me (hee hee).

My own was Sunday, August 30, and for the first time it was an auction draft.  I thought about trying to give some advice, but if you are looking here for fantasy advice then you are screwed.  Why, you say? Let’s look at what I did-

QB1- Phillip Rivers of the Chargers for $23 (of a $100 budget): Probably my only really good choice though I still overpaid.  Chargers are less dependent on the run with LT slowing down; Sproles is money on screens; Gates, Jackson, and Chambers are solid players; and Rivers is young and really seems to be coming into his own.

RB1- Steven Jackson of the Rams for $30: he is all St.Louis has; he runs it all and catches a ton of passes.  He is also an injury concern and the rest of his team absolutely sucks.  I definitely overpaid!

RB2- Will Parker of the Steelers for $12: he has been a stud in the past in a run heavy offense, but he has become injury prone and looks to lose carries to Rashard Mendenhall.  Could be a steal, but I am not holding my breath.

WR1- Steve Smith of the Giants for $11: I’ll be honest.  I ran to the bathroom, came back and saw Steve Smith and heard going twice.  Without looking at the team I put in a bid.  I thought it was the other Steve Smith (of the Panthers).

WR2- Anthony Gonzalez of the Colts for $5: Could be my steal of the draft.  Playing with Peyton Manning, with Marvin Harrison gone, and no real running game he is the obvious beneficiary.

The rest of my starting group includes Kellen Winslow now with the Bucs at TE1 ($2), Nate Kaeding as my kicker ($1), and the Viking defense ($1).  For backups I got Cedric Benson ($5) and Leon Washington ($2) at RB3 and 4 from the Bengals and Jets respectively; at WR3, 4, and 5 I got Laveranues Coles (Bengals, $3), Steve Breaston (Cardinals, $1), and Darrius Heyward-Bey (Raiders, $2); for QB2 I picked up Joe Flacco (Ravens, $2).

I might have done really well with my late round picks if these guys play up to their abilities.  I would not have been so strapped to pick up guys like Breaston, Benson, and Coles if I had not overpaid for Rivers and Jackson so much.  After using over half my budget on those two I was forced to see a lot of studs go off the board.

Definitely a bit of a frustrating experience; thank goodness for beer.Shiner_Bock_200

In honor of this draft being held in my home state of Texas I picked up a 6 pack of Texas’s finest- Shiner Bock.  The great people at the Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner, Texas, have been brewing beer since 1909 and God bless ‘em.  Having gone to school at Texas A&M in Galveston I enjoyed this Bavarian brew many times.  With its deep amber color, distinct flavor, and mellow taste this beer is refreshing and a joy when thirsty after a rugby match or when frustrated after a fantasy draft.  At 4.4% alcohol it does not have a real big kick so excuse me as I enjoy the rest of my 6-pack.

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