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Drinking Game: Moose

Submitted by on September 1, 2009 – 11:42 AMNo Comment
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Rules: Materials needed are one ice cube tray or and egg carton, a quarter, and a medium size bowl.

The way the game works is by proping the tray up on the ledge of the bowl and tossing the quarter in either the tray or the bowl. The left side of the tray is give and the right is take. the first slot on the tray is one, second is two and so on, except for the last slot. That is the Moose slot. When a quarter lands in the last slot, leftt or right, the last person to make antlers and yell “Moose” has to drink whats in the bowl. The beer in the bowl is poured in by participants to desired level. If the quarter lands in the bowl, you get to give the bowl to who ever you want. If you land the quarter in the tray you get to keep going, and if you make it in the bowl or miss the whole thing completly, your turn is passed. It is best to fill up a pitcher of beer before the game becuase the beer goes very very fast.

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