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Psych: Season 4

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A recent commercial for the USA Network show Psych went a little something like this:

Random Person: “Do you believe in karma?”

Shawn: “Why yes, you could say we’re karma chameleons.”

Gus: “We come and go.”

Obscure 80s/ pop culture references like this one is just part of what makes Psych one of the best shows on television.   The hit USA show is a perfect blend of comedy mixed with the drama of a mystery to keep viewers like myself coming back for more time and time again.

James Roday plays Shawn Spencer who runs the Psych Detective Agency along with his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster played by Dule Hill. Shawn uses his extremely fine tuned sense of observation to solve mysteries for the Santa Barbara PD.  Rather than explain how he solves cases, he acts as if he were psychic.  His partner and best friend, Gus, goes along with Shawn’s psychic act.  Even though Gus prefers the safety of his regular job as a pharmaceutical rep, being a private investigator is kind of fun too.

Completing the cast is a familiar face to television, Corben Bernsen, as Shawn’s dad, Henry.  Henry was a former police officer and is the reason why Shawn has such a finely tuned sense of observation.  Kirsten Nelson plays the police chief and former co-worker of Henry’s.  Timothy Omundson is the by the book Head Detective Carlton Lassiter.  Lassiter can’t stand Shawn and his antics and gets continually frustrated by Shawn’s success.  His partner is Detective Juliet O’Hara aptly played by Maggie Lawson.  Juliet tends to listen to Shawn even though she does not always believe him.

The characters here really make the show.  Shawn and Gus have absolute perfect comic timing and really complement each other very well.  Roday does a great job at pulling off the over-the-top fake psychic; Hill’s dead pan delivery makes the comedy in the show even funnier.  When these guys start referencing past and present pop culture I can’t help but laugh.

Without the well crafted stories the writers produce the talented cast would be all for naught.  The stories are entertaining with a great mix of comedy throughout the mystery which the show revolves around.

When you give such a great cast an equally great script you definitely have a recipe for success.  Psych is one of those shows you can watch time and time again and enjoy it just as much the fifth time as you did the first.  If you want to enjoy television again be sure and set your TiVo to record this one every Friday at 10 PM.

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