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Pool Shark

Submitted by on August 27, 2009 – 8:41 AMNo Comment
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How to Play

The basic idea of this game is that whenever you call a shot, and then sink it you then get to give your opponent two drinks, or if you are playing with teams then both members of the team have to drink twice. If you miss the shot then you have to drink three times. This is only fair since you were not only bold enough to call your shot, but you were silly enough to miss it.

If you are playing pool like the majority of us amateurs do and you are not calling your shots then for each ball you sink you can give one drink to your opponent, and for each shot you miss, you have to take two drinks, it sounds rational doesn’t it? After all, if you are like most of us then any time you sink a ball is pure luck and you should only be able to give one drink. You can switch around the drink giving and taking if you so desire, its all up to the players involved. If you can come up with any interesting twists to this game than drop us a line.

Courtesy of Student Drinking Games