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Monk – Final Season

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I can remember when this show first came on television (I have a knack for remembering obscure things).  The concept of a crime/ mystery show centered on a detective that has every phobia known to mankind did not seem interesting at all; it just seemed weird.  At the time I had only known Tony Shaloub to be a supporting player on Wings who was kind of funny.  This seemed like a sure fire bomb to me.

When it disappeared from the major networks I figured I was right.  Fast forward a few years, I’m up late hunting for jobs on the net, and I come across Monk on the USA Network.  At the time there was nothing else on so I figured what the heck.

I am so glad I finally gave this show a chance.  This show, like many of the original programs on cable channels these days is entertaining.  It is not outright funny, but you can’t help but laugh at the million and one quirks afflicting the lead character, Adrian Monk.

Monk was always a little off, but the murder of his wife Trudy put the quirky former star of the San Francisco PD over the edge.  However, the genius he is able to apply to solving crimes is unparalleled.  The trick is how to get this genius out of him through his numerous phobias.

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer does what he can to work with Monk and keep San Francisco safe along with right hand man Lieutenant Randy Disher.  Monk would not get anywhere though without the assistance of his assistant, Natalie.

The show is not a comedy, but you will find yourself smiling at Monk as he obsesses over every absolute little detail.  It is not a crime drama either. While a crime is the focal point of the show, they are treated and portrayed in alight-hearted manner.  Case in point would be the season premiere Aug. 7 when Monk was the bodyguard of a former child star that was supposedly being stalked. It turns out she was not the cute thing that Monk remembered from TV, but a tramp out to sell more books and committing the crimes herself.

Monk, much like another USA show Psych, does a tremendous job of mixing in elements of humor with the crime story to create an hour of entertaining and engaging television.  Tune in on Fridays at 9 PM and you too will be hooked.  Sadly, this is the last season of the show so watch it while you still can.

Beer: Anchor Steam Beer from the Anchor Brewing Company based out of San Francisco like Monk.  The term Steam refers to the nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast back in the 19th century which was brewed in a rather unique fashion.  How the term Steam came to be applicable is a mystery making it an appropriate companion to this mystery/ crime show.  Of course it does not hurt that this amber colored beer has a nice rich taste that goes down easy.