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MillerCoors Tests Home Draft

Submitted by on August 10, 2009 – 9:37 AMNo Comment
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For years, beer lovers have opened their refrigerators in vain, searching for the same satisfying draft beer experience they get at their favorite watering holes. But if MillerCoors has anything to say about it, those beer lovers may soon be richly rewarded, via a product the company is calling Home Draft.

Packaged in a 1.5-gallon container, this “beer in a box” fits right in the fridge and lets its owners consume beer periodically over a 30-day period, instead of the one-time party use normally associated with most conventional kegs.

This is just one of the latest ideas to come from the forward-thinking minds at MillerCoors. “The legacy of both the Miller and Coors organizations – and now certainly with the new MillerCoors company – has been innovation,” MillerCoors Spokesperson Peter Marin, said. “We’ve had a rich history of innovation and we want to have a rich future of innovation, as well. We’re always looking for ideas to increase the beer-drinking experience of our consumers.”

Retailing at about $20, Home Draft is currently available in both Miller Lite and Coors Lite, two of the brewery’s flagship varieties.  The product has been in 13 test cities since late June and while it’s too early to tell if it will sweep the masses, Marino says, so far, so good. “We’ve been encouraged so far by the consumer receptivity,” he said. “We’re still in the learning mode with this, but we think potentially this is something we can bring to a broader market.”

And that possible evolution may also lead to an expanded selection of varieties. “Right now, we still haven’t made the decision to take it out of the test market with those two versions,” Marino said. “It’s still early, but we may look at taking the innovation and technology behind that into other brands in our portfolio, but right now, it’s still too early to tell.”

While it may not completely replace a trip to the local pub, Home Draft may soon become the next-best thing. “We do think this is an opportunity for consumers to experience the benefits of draft beer in their own home,” Marino said. “We think this product really provides that. It enables them to have a really enjoyable draft beer experience in the comfort of their own home.”