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Fabolous – Loso’s Way, Rating: C

Submitted by on August 7, 2009 – 12:00 AMNo Comment
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fabolous-losos-way-coverFor years Fabolous has been praised for his lyrically savvy punch lines and swaggering rap style. He took a minor lose after his Def Jam debut From Nothin’ to Somethin’ produced less than stellar results, but avoided severe backlash after knocking out some worthy guest appearances for The Dream and Lil’ Wayne. Looking to reinvent his creative image, Fab takes a page from Jay-Z and produces his own concept album based on a popular gangster film, Carlito’s Way. Toying with the film’s storyline by incorporating personal and fabled episodes, Loso’s Way is a tale of sex, money, drugs and murder with a modern-day twist that’s sure to pacify fans.

“The Way Intro” reintroduces us to a hustler’s appetite for the high life over some exciting horns and gangster rhetoric. Embodying the Mafioso quantum of the album, “Imma Do Me” dishes fresh lines like, “I could hold my head high and die/ Or I could live and duck/My attitude is celibate/I don’t give a f*ck,” to get the audience amped for premeditated gunplay. A booming bass and fetching hook magnetize your obsession for la vida hustler. The dreary “Lullaby” puts the competition to sleep next to Jimmy Hoffa as Loso’s lets off a few rounds from his silencer.

A celebration is in order on “My Time” featuring the “Birthday Sex” newcomer Jeremih, as the label mates proceed with their coming out party and set the plateau for the new bosses in town. The raw cut chemistry produces an elated product and works great as a second single for the Brooklyn rapper. The nightlife radiates on the Ryan Leslie produced “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” as Fab sends dance fiends rushing to the disco floor, while Keri Hilson melodically flirts with the thugged out crowd.

Jay-Z gives Fab the lane to spit his tale of Materialism Vs. Sincerity on “Money Goes, Honey Stay (When The Money Goes Remix)”. It’s amazing how a remix with the Jigga man can produce better quality. Glitz and glamour test the boundaries of loyalty amongst close acquaintances on the Carlito’s Way referenced “Pachanga,” where Loso flips Nas infamous hook, “I thug changes/ A love changes/ And best friends become strangers/Pachanga’s.” Flashbacks of the fictional character run rampant in your mind while you zone out to the laidback instrumental and alluring story.

Loso’s Way is an upgrade for Fab, but the album still suffers from the same mishaps of Fab’s previous attempt—too many excessive guest appearances and lovey dubby records.  Tracks like the Ne-Yo assisted “Makin’ Love” fail to brace the same magic “You Make Me Better” generated. BudSelPlus the official single “Throw It In The Bag” with R&B partner-in-crime The Dream can’t manhandle its way into your playlist. The ruthless portion of the LP is what keeps you tuned into Fab’s apologue. Every gangster has a soft spot, but Loso’s bravado is enough to keep your earplugs hooked with audio cocaine.

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