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Sierra Nevada – Beer Tasting (Ardsley, NY)

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Ardsley, NY – A trip to the grocery store is not generally an exciting adventure for those who have penciled it onto their to-do lists, but when there is a free sample of beer waiting for you, it suddenly becomes much more fun!  On July 17, DeCicco’s in Ardsley organized a beer tasting for its patrons, which featured seven beers from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  Chip Kurth, a Sierra Nevada sales representative, was there to answer any questions about their selection. There were seven beers available to taste, all with very distinctive tastes while they still maintaining Sierra Nevada’s hoppy flavor.

The newest beer that Sierra Nevada was introducing was Kellerweis.  It is a hazy, light, hefeweizen that was just released in June.  The beer is full of very complex tastes and flavors resembling that of cloves.  Sue, from Hartsdale, said that she really enjoyed this beer but also felt that “if you drink too much, you’ll probably get sick of the clove taste.”

Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale was a must-taste.  It has been around since the company was established in 1980 and has become known as the “flag ship” of Sierra Nevada. “If you ask people about the first craft beers, they’ll definitely talk about our Pale Ale,” Kurth said.  It is brewed with Cascade hops which gives it a unique spicy, citrus flavor.

If you are a fan of lighter beers, Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest would be an excellent choice.  It is a pilsner-style lager with a smooth taste.  One customer stopped at the Sierra Nevada tasting table, had one sip of the Summerfest and picked up a six-pack for her husband.  The other seasonal beer that I sampled was Sierra Nevada’s traditional Spring Beer, ESB.  It has a reddish tint to it and a fine blend of American and British hops.____________________________________________________________

harvest-sohem_bottleThe Southern Hemisphere Harvest is an ale that made its debut in April.  To make this beer, the brewers have traveled to New Zealand to pick their hops during New Zealand’s prime Hop Harvest Season.  After choosing the freshest hops, they were brought back to America and brewed within 24 – 72 hours of their return, making it a very fresh beer.  The beer has a flowery taste to it and was quite refreshing on such a hot day!


The Torpedo Ale is an Extra IPA that was released in January.  It is the first year-round release in 15 years, which was a celebratory feat for the Sierra Nevada Brewers.  It has a bold, citrus flavor that is accented by American hops.


The Sierra Nevada Stout is a very dark in color and has very rich flavors resembling coffee and chocolate, which is caused by the Black and Caramel malts that it is made with.  This stout is a full-bodied beer that has a wonderful balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

Each of the beers that were being offered had very distinct tastes.  They varied in color and flavor, but they all had the signature added hops of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.