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Shootin’ The Boot

Submitted by on July 1, 2009 – 8:27 AMNo Comment
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travisNo game in the world can compare to rugby.  Soccer players will claim they are in the best shape, but can they take the hits and keep on running like rugby players?  American football players like to think they’re tougher, but as most rugby players would say, “pads are for wimps.”

I have been playing rugby for 12 years now.  I have consumed many pints to soothe the pains of hard fought games and many more to drown the agony of defeat. But more importantly, I drink beer because of the great tradition of camaraderie that surrounds the game with teams that try to kill each other on the field.

Singing is a large part of post game tradition, along with enjoying a few beers.  One must be careful though when flexing the golden pipes. If you mess up you have to shoot the boot.  What that entails is finding the cleat of the dirtiest, nastiest player (usually a prop because no one works harder), filling it with beer, and then chugging it down (it’s only bad if you drink first).

Beer is such a big part of rugby. If you want to learn about this wonderful sport and the updates in the rugby world, check out my blog Shootin’ the Boot.