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Editor’s Post – Trip to Bahamas

Submitted by on July 29, 2009 – 6:51 AM2 Comments
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post-itDo you know those little boxes you see in Macy’s that say, “Enter to Win a Trip!” and you think to yourself, nobody ever wins those things? Well, I did. I won a FREE cruise and hotel in the Grand Bahama Island. I was at a bakery last fall with my friend and there was that little box. I rolled my eyes at her when she signed up (she always signs up for these stupid things), but I reluctantly entered my name too. By complete chance, I won! So my trip wasn’t exactly free. I had to find my own way of transportation to Ft. Lauderdale, and I paid a little money to upgrade to an all-inclusive resort. But I used this as an opportunity to (a) relax and (b) try new beers, of course.

I had to try the famous, Kalik. There are three types of Kalik sold in the Bahamas, Kalik (5% ABV), Kalik Light (4% ABV), and Kalik Gold (7% ABV). I ended up trying Kalik, the most popular and readily available.

Hold your nose when you drink this one because it is one stinky beer. Don’t let the smell scare you though. Tripe smells bad, and it tastes good, right?

Maybe not.

I would consider Kalik to be a light lager. It had some carbonation and a sweet aroma.  As you sip it, you can taste the toasted barley malt with just a little dash of hops.

As old as the Bahamas islands are, Kalik is just a baby, first brewed 21 years ago in Nassau by the Commonwealth Brewery (same guys that produce Heineken and Guinness). They kicked Beck’s right out of the water and became the top seller in the Islands. It’s about time they had their own beer.


One night, I went to Port Lucaya Marketplace & Marina. For those of you who have not been to the Bahamas, during the day there are vendors and activities  including snorkling, scuba diving and parasailing (which I tried). At night, Port Lucaya is filled with bars, music, and live entertainment. The first bar I hit for the night seemed like every college student in America has had a beer there. There were signed t-shirts on the ceiling and graffiti with little messages on the walls. It was the perfect spot to try Sands, Kalik’s competitor.



sandsSands is known for using the Bahamas’ “world famous spring water.” The only pros I can say is that it goes down real smooth and has a citrus flavor. There was just something about this drink I didn’t like. It was missing body, an aftertaste probably the alcohol. I found Sands to be lighter than Kalik and too watery. Maybe I should cut them some slack since Sands is the new kid on the block. Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Company started production only a few years ago. I’m sure they’ll fine tune their recipe. Until then, they should really taste their own beer before bragging about it in their sloagan, “Truly Bahamian Beer.” The Bahamians might take is as an insult.




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