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Dark Blue – Rating: C+

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People want things too fast these days.  They can’t wait 45 minutes to have their pizza delivered; it must be in less than 30 minutes.  Spend a few minutes boiling an egg?  Heck no, nuke the damn thing and be done in less than a minute!

In years past, network dark bluetelevision could afford to give a series time to mature and develop a fan base.  That sort of patience allowed a few hits like Cheers to gain a foothold in popular American culture and became the iconic series it is today.  However, networks no longer are able to be so patient with new series or old ones that get a little stale; there are too many options available on cable to wait on something to become good that is not.

That same cable that is making it hard for network television to survive is also what is allowing new shows to develop.  Cable shows do not need as many viewers as a network show to be profitable.  Shows that have failed on network television have gone on to find new life on a cable station, i.e. Monk, Family Guy, Friday Night Lights, to name a few.

This should help the latest creation from the mind of Jerry Bruckheimer, the action master.

Dark Blue is the newest series to premiere on the TNT network (Wednesdays at 10pm) starring Dylan McDermott (of The Practice).  He plays Carter Shaw, the head of a group of black-ops style undercover police officers.  They exist for the sole purpose of going deep undercover to do the jobs that regular police work can’t accomplish.  If they fail, technically they do not exist so it does not matter.

Premiere episodes can be difficult to do well and Mr. Bruckheimer and company sure could have done better.  They put way too much focus on trying to establish the notion that sometimes undercover officers can flip and become bad guys; pretend you are bad for long enough and eventually you will be bad.

This took away from the show itself.  Instead of providing a smooth flowing story in the opening episode of the series it was often choppy and felt a bit forced.  One of the executive producers, Danny Cannon (best known for working on the CSI series and the Eleventh Hour); bottom line is that Danny should have looked to Jerry for a little more help.  His direction (or lack thereof) kept the talents of a fairly decent supporting cast from shining through (Logan Marshall-Green (The O.C.), Omari Hardwick (TNT’s Saved) and Nicki Aycox (Supernatural)).

That being said, I am glad this show is on cable.  It does have promise; even with the poor direction in the first episode the basis for a pretty decent show was set.  Only time will tell if the show will develop into another hit for Bruckheimer and crew or if it will fall by the wayside, much like the Eleventh Hour.

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