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Big Brother 11- Rating: A

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Reality programming, sadly enough, has been threatening to take over television in recent years.  It seems like just about every actor/ actress/ entertainer that can’t go quietly into the night (Denise Richards, Hammer, every person that has ever appeared on the Surreal Life) finds their way onto a reality show.

Some of the original reality shows are still holding on and producing decent, moderately entertaining programs.  Big Brother is one of those shows.

Contestants are essentially cut off from the outside world- no phone, no internet, no radio, television or newspaper.   Pretty much the only thing people in the house have to do is- gasp- talk to each other (and that is it)!bigbrother

The basis of the show sets the stage for a televised social experiment, but the fun begins when the competitions start.  Each week there is a food challenge with the winners getting the good stuff and the losers Big Brother Slop.  Then there is the Head of Household competition; this person is responsible for nominating two people for eviction.  Just because your nominated does not mean your fate is sealed.  Win the Power of Veto competition and you have the power to take one of the nominees of the block.

All this, including the eviction vote, takes place over the span of three nights (Sunday at 8 PM, Tuesday at 9 PM, and Thursday at 8 PM on CBS).

The newest rendition of the program has begun with another set of lab rats ready to battle it out for a cool half of a million dollars.  Big Brother has always made an effort to change things up each season; add a little twist to the experiment.  This go-around will be no different.

Big Brother will be forcing houseguest to relive either their glory days or the worst days of their lives- high school.  In the premiere episode July 9th, the guests were divided into four cliques: Brains, Popular, Athlete, or Offbeat.  To encourage each clique to work together (even if they do not like each other), if a person from your clique is HOH (Head of Household) then the whole clique is safe from eviction.

This season looks to be one of the more interesting ones Bog Brother has put together.  Often times the twist is interesting, but does not have a big impact on the show.   Immunity for your whole clique will undoubtedly be huge.  In their efforts to cast four distinct groups of people, the producers have managed to gather a very eclectic collection of personalities.  It will be interesting and probably a little entertaining to watch the mix.

My inner voyeur has been stimulated. miller_high_life This time I will actually be looking forward to watching the show and not just spending the time with my wife.

Beer: In honor of the high school theme of the show I would say Miller High Life- it’s cheap, it gets the job done, and like many of the contestants it is not nearly as good as it thinks it is.