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The Hangover – Rating: B

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It’s been set in stone that whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. So it doesn’t take a genius to realize that partaking in the trinity of sex, drugs and alcohol in Sin City only leads to sheer disaster. The Hangover is clearly a film that looks to lead by example, showing no shame in its presentation.

Director Todd Phillips (of Old School fame) takes the hilarious thrills from the frat house to the Vegas strip, pairing a threesome of ubiquitous characters together that will leave you in a drunken stupor of laughter. Who would of thought a hangover could feel so humorously stimulating?

thehangoverposterWith wedding bells chiming for groom-to-be Doug (Justin Bartha), it’s only fit for a bachelor to have a bachelor party before his big day. Planners and guests are limited to his best buds: Phil (Bradley Cooper), a prowling married high school teacher, Stu (Ed Helms), an unpretentious dentist, and brother-in-law Alan (Zach Galifianakis), whose scrupulous demeanor is right out creepy. The threesome creates a plan to hit Sin City, where a night of mischievous play leads to a rude awakening.

After awaking to a pigsty and uncomforting hangover, Phil and company discover the groom missing, a mystery baby planted in their closet and a ferocious tiger lounging in their hotel suite. Coming back to their senses, the trio must retrace their steps from the previous night and place the pieces of the puzzle together to find their best man.

The calamities that have transcended in their hotel room soon become the least of their worries. Run-ins with the local authorities and an openly gay Asian mobster named Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) are just a number of the numerous troubles that await the crowd. With the clock ticking, the gang must find Doug and get him to the altar on time before his wife turns into a bridezilla.

The Hangover is a shot of laugher that sends a tingling sensation straight to your funny bone. Galifianakis is a scene-stealer with his obscure antics and is just as memorable in his supporting role as John Belushi was in Animal House. Any scene is priceless when you get to witness Mike Tyson sing Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” at one point, then watch him knockout someone at another.

From Doug losing a tooth to Alan caring for a lost infant (considering his ban from any local school)—the characters are shrouded in irony. Tmagic_hathe film banks on surprise humor and it cashes in big time with its impressive supporting cast and their performances. Cooper carries a boyishly charming appeal that will make him a recognizable figure on the Hollywood front and Galifianakis could be considered an older version of Jonah Hill.

Phillips outdoes himself and brings his A-game, elevating masculine buffoonery to an even higher plateau. Judd Apatow—keep tabs on this guy right here. The Hangover is sure to give you a headache, but in the form of laughing to a high extremity.

Beer Pairing: The recommendation here is Magic Hat: Circus Boy. Act a fool and let the citrus taste creep up on you. Drink till you drop.