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Refreshing Beer Cocktails

Submitted by on June 22, 2009 – 12:47 PMNo Comment
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beercocktailNothing says fun in the sun like a cold beer and an umbrella drink. Just sticking an umbrella in Heineken bottle makes for difficult drinking. So I set out to find the perfect summer drink that combines refreshing umbrella drinks with frosty brew. I can reliably say that the first two are amazing and look best with blue or green umbrellas. The second two I remember as being delicious, but be careful with these cocktails kids. They are not for light weights.

The Classic Shandy

The Classic Shandy is made several ways. My favorite consists of combining half pale ale lager and half lemonade. It also tastes great with half pale ale lager and half ginger ale. I like to make it in a pitcher with lemon slices and pour over ice in a girly glass topped with a yellow umbrella. Like the frilly name, this drink allows for refreshing consumption sans immediate inebriation.

Black Velvet

Mix half stout, half champagne. Word to the wise: the better products you have on hand, the better this tastes. Korbel does not taste too good. I made it with prosecco and Guinness and must say it was my favorite beer cocktail of the day. Plus, doesn’t champagne make you lose weight?

Skip and Go Naked – or Skip Naked – or Naked Skipping

We couldn’t quite remember the name of this, and you won’t either. Combine one light wheat beer with three table spoons of lemon juice and three shots of gin. Add a dash of Grenadine. Stir. This can also be shaken if you add a half beer, a shot and a half of gin, tablespoon of lemon juice and dash of Grenadine. I poured it in a sugar rimmed glass and added a slice of watermelon for aesthetic appeal…the first time around. The second time I thought a maraschino cherry would look pretty. Unfortunately, I doubt I looked to pretty after drinking the third. Be careful.

Summer Beer A.K.A Devil Juice

Caution: This drink makes you drunk. It’s the dirtiest and trashiest of the beer cocktails, but to exclude it would be like excluding keg parties from college. I even drank this on the “party bus” before my high school senior prom. An oldie but goodie…

Mix together a can of pink lemonade concentrate from the frozen food isle, same amount of vodka, and three beers. Stir. Give someone your keys. Enjoy.