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In Plain Sight – Season Two

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In Plain Sight – “She’s hot and she can kick your a**!”

Typically, the best shows on television are on during the windy days in fall and rainy days in spring, a time when people are looking for a distraction while confined to pursuits of leisure restricted to indoors. The good folks at the USA Network have decided on a different strategy.  Instead of competing for viewers with the new shows on the other networks, they wait until most shows are in reruns.

One of the newer shows in the USA lineup called, In Plain Sight recently started its second season.  The lead character is Mary Shannon, tall, athletic, and no nonsense U.S. Marshal working in the federal witness protection program in Albuquerque.

In Plain SightAlong with her partner Marshal (yes, he is a marshal named Marshal), they protect victims in this program. Their job is to insure that nobody finds out the witness’ true identity.

While most people are eager to go home to escape the rigors of work, that is not the case for Mary.  It is bad enough that she can’t talk about her job to anyone because it is confidential, but her co-dependent mother, Jinx, and sister, Brandi, call her house their “home.”  The time she spends at work and her family, makes it hard for her relationship with boyfriend Raphael to be anything more than on again off again.

The cast is made up primarily of seasoned, but not well-known faces.  An equally talented group of writers provide the cast members with a well-written story that showcases the actors’ talents.

In Plain Sight episodes tend to stick to the main premise of the show, protecting the witnesses, but with side stories involving Mary’s family and boyfriend.  However, so far during the second season there has been a lot more focus on the side stories involving her family members.  They haven’t taken away from the purpose of the show, but if the producers are not careful, they might.

The show does not break any barriers for originality, but it is what most television is not – entertaining. For a crime drama with a little bit of sarcastic humor, you can’t go wrong with In Plain Sight.

Beer Pairing: Rogue Dead Guy Ale-an amber bock that is slightly sweet with a little hop and malt. What could be a better match for a show about protecting people from the bad guys than this honey colored ale dedicated by the brewers to the rogue in us all?