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Beach Bound? Five Food Tips

Submitted by on June 29, 2009 – 6:53 AMNo Comment
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beerbeachWhether you’re headed on vacation or for a day on the north shore, you’ll certainly need to pack a cooler and snacks for your day. Cisco and Swayze are so last summer, but we are still big fans of Corona and lime in the summertime. You can also pre mix Michelada sauce to add some zest to your beach day. Pick your pleasure, but make sure to remember the following five tips.

Frozen beer is just a no-no
1. What’s the real deal with freezing beer? This depends mostly on how complex your beer is. Miller Genuine Draft you can likely freeze. Delirium, probably not. Most people agree that freezing, then letting thaw and rechilling “dulls” the taste, but mainly it removes some CO2 leaving your beer a little flat. Flat beer is just not good.

Keep it fresh
2. Since sandwiches tend to get soggy and gross, bring a loaf of fresh bread a light cheese spread with tomato and/or cold cuts and assemble beach side.

Say yes to pita chips
3. Potato chips and Chex Mix are over people. It’s pita chips, dried fruit and frozen fruit. Get with it.

Don’t forget the fruit
4. Don’t forget limes for your Corona or oranges slices for your hefeweizen.

Be kind to Mother Nature
5. Recycle. Bring an extra bag for your bottles or cans if your beach doesn’t provide separate recycling, but seriously, recycle.